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Chris DM-ing a Game


December 2003


Chris Dungeon Mastered the game with Ted and 2 other players.
It was my turn. I asked if I was a mage, and if I had and special powers. Chris rolled his eyes.

Not knowing where or who you are is difficult. Howbeit, the point of role-playing is not the circumstance which your character finds him. The point is what you do with the time youíre given. Think myself itís easier to have some situation or conflict to resolve.

The Internet enables such gatherings of several individuals.

[2013] Normally when you're given a choice,
A is right and B is right, some of the time.

Therefore, "The point of role-playing games are BOTH
the circumstance and what you do with the time you're given." 

Therefore, if you're thinking of the circumstance, or the actions you take exclusively, then do more of the other also.




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