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"Poorly made, but pretty”


December 22 2003



Buffy the Vampire Slayer is a television series starring Sarah Michelle Geller from 1997 to 2003.
The protagonist is a blonde Buffy Summers: cheerleader turned Vampire slayer.

In several episodes of the TV series Warren an inventor designs a robot clone of Buffy.
In the TV series the Buffy robot appears naïve, innocent and harmless, but jealous and malfunctioned at times.


Buffy glared angrily at her identical twin robot standing a few feet away. The android’s mouth expressions are large and the jaw shifts a lot more than Bully’s. Throughout conversation, its eyes remain fixed on hers. This android had hair pulled back and made expressions with cold pensive logic. The robot’s speech presented a veiled hatred for all humanity.

Buffy banters sharply, “Silicone!”

The Buffy-android retorts, “Just another flesh and bone; ready to fall apart. Poorly made…”
It pauses to regard Buffy’s face more carefully and continued, “… but pretty.”

Buffy added, “Pretty enough to smash you.” with a proud glare.

While they spoke a 10 year old brunette child enters from the left of the scene.

Buffy turns her head to look at the girl questioningly.
The android reveals matter of factly, “(oh) That one is yours”. Buffy raises her eyebrow in an expression of amazement and bewilderment.

The expression Buffy makes toward the child is just so curious, as if to speak, “Ohh!”

Buffy believed the child was hers instantly in the first hearing.
The android was so matter of fact and had said the phrase with such offhanded dismissive-ness it seemed to have no reason to lie.
Frankly, weird things happen to Buffy every day.

Imagine, at this point, the classic Werewolf howl opening sequence to Buffy the Vampire
Slayer series.


The moment when the robot says, “Poorly made... but pretty” is very amusing. Of course, the twin robot thinks its simply complimenting an image like itself.

The tension between the expressions Buffy and the Android is that of life and death. In previous scenes and events the android has harmed Buffy’s friends. These scenes established the robot as a powerful killing machine.

Buffy (faces certain death) will be killed if she attempts to attack instead of parlaying. I’m reminded of the Terminator 3 android in its style of communication, computing and willingness to kill.

Other dream:
I had created a tape of funny things I had said. I was going to play it but all the channels on the cable box went out. It had taken me several hours to complete the tape and I felt certainly that powers had intervened to prevent my presentation. I had the choice between playing the tape and seeing a play that evening.

  Moral/Conclusions Love Buffy Summers, I wonder how far back my affections for the female protagonist go... 2003...  



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