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  End of year Graduations  Dreamt: March 14, 2001

My dream was about my class mates and of graduations at the end of the year.

Gina Evans won our senior queen [Elle a une jupe tres coupe – she wore a short skirt].

One of my classmates wore a suit with a golden tie which had been painted on the fabric. He constantly got gold finger prints on everyone.
I communicated, “That’s (the tie's) nothing new”, like painted clothes are commonplace.

Was looking for Jamie as i promised to take her to K-mart. She was lost between the gallery and the aquarium. [Miranda was in my dream]

The aquarium was home to many species of fish. The unnaturalness of their forms made me, at that moment, not believe so surely in evolution.

There were so many fish I was certain one would eat one another and the aquarium would be empty. Following the thought, a shoe crab with tentacles pincered and swallowed a fish.

Jamie, ma petite amie, n'a pas porter des souvetements pendant mon reve pour le plus part.
Apres nous avons levé de notre lit. Et, quand je se perparer pour le jour
, I was so lazy I did not thinik it was important enough to make elle habiller them

was defended in my dreams, the “gods” of my dreams, Miranda especially, quitely pointed out where she was by writing,
“near the painting of...”. She would not speak to me and I struggled to remember Miranda's name. When i said her name, I liked the sound.
[Charles likes Miranda in life as well it appears]

  • ...Charles March 14, 2001


*This dream again makes you wonder if the “form” of life is necessarily evil in itself”
  • the aquarium was so full of amazing fish,

  • the paintings in the gallery were so full of meaning,

  • Miranda was there and quite delight able, if not quite and sort of grey,

  • Michelle was implied as being there it think,

  • The comfort of knowing that the mistakes you make are temporary.

  • In the long term beauty that is hiding in life itself (e/e)




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