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  The Chronos Sphere  Dreamt: Wed July 30th, 2003
  Thus the story begins:

I sit around a circle, myself, my brother. It had been discovered: the orb.
Magical fire refracted within the glass sphere. Fire which would only appear in my brothers’ hand. A simple fact became clear to me: I was not as powerful a wizard as he.
He commanded "In Luminus" and light glowed wildly. "In Flamus", the orb glowed pure fire. During this moment, as if by revelation, I saw what would be:

My brother would use the globe to create chaos, disorder, and try to conquer the world or greatly devastate it.

[The orb was discovered under the waters of a riverbank which flowed into the nearby ocean]

I seized the orb from his hands in a quick blinding motion, placed it in my pocket, and in a single motion began running into the darkness of night. My brother was also a runner by trade and was right after me. Neither time, nor distance ever separated us for an eternity. There would be no “saving the Game” like in video games i had liked to play, no rest, until the orb was safely out of his hands.

Considered a 100 different places to hide the orb where my brother could not find it to destroy humanity. If I tossed it in holes, even the open ocean, surely it would wash back with the tide and my brother or another maleficent wizard would find it. So, i continued to run...

After several hours I found a low dark spot to rest my feet, my legs, and my breath which were quite spent. I hid near a fence... I did enjoy 20 seconds rest before i heard the sound of my brother walking up. Like he was homing in on me he rested his back against the metal fense and began to lean backwards. Then looked over at me.

“Heh man, why not just let me have the orb, you can’t do anything with it.”

He was right: I was quite angry. I stood up to confront him and the gods. “You’re right!, Why is that!, “In Luminus” I shouted holding the orb in hand. *Nothing happened*. In Flamus!!, The orb seemed to defy my command. Why does the orb obey you and give me no power at all. Tommy neither answered the query or made any movement toward the orb to speak of. Angrily, i tucked the orb in my hand and said, “I cannot let you have this and destroy the world” running again into the night.

Tommy didn’t follow quite so hard this time... I seemed to be making separation. I had come several miles. Arrived at the bank of a lake which is a circular basin. A river flowed from the lake into the ocean. Thou I had traveled a great distance from home, where we had found it this place looked familiar. I approached the waters, perhaps it is water which gives the orb it’s powers. I submerged the orb again speaking “IN LUMINUS” in vain. My time was running short. I sensed my brother would soon again reach me. I pulled back the orb and hurled it to a certain part of the water basin. I made note of the place: May the waters keep it safe.
The orb finding safety I traveled into towne. The towne was 1,000 years into the future. I recognized that is if I had dreamed it. Decorative adornments, games, and many colorful things lined. The town major and a clown said, “Do you want to see the show?”

If i said, “Yes, a spectacular show of lights, color, fireworks, and music would dazzle the eyes.”
If i said, “No, they would say, “the show isn’t that great anyways” and quietly continue their business. Something was quite wrong. Had I failed? Had my brother retrieved the orb? Had someone worse? I did not know, but i knew the world was in some quiet grave peril which no one wished to speak of. A peril i had not prevented. A peril i could aswage on in the future, if i was a great enough hero to complete.

FINAL FANTASY XX, The Chronos Sphere!


[2013 comment]
Dreamt finding the orb BEFORE seeing the Lord of the Rings movies.
The 'Smeagle' part where the ring was found in a riverbed was not in the books, but appended from 'fan fiction' to the movie.


Cote note: Mary [from convergeys?], cheveu longe est aussi dans mon reve. Elle et moi fait autre choses. Moi, j’ai un desire de faire quell’que chose avec elle.





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