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Working for Ms Bloomberg


January 10th, 2002





I am working for Ms. Bloomberg; she works in a cubical in a circle of cubicles in a mall that is also in a circular form. Her business has been booming since she put up a photo of a man in her window. I just went to see this person myself to see if i can get him to come to my job. We are haircut people. I tell him if he ever needs a haircut he knows we can help him. I return to my office. Jamie enters the room where i am working. I say, “hello Jamie!” Predictable she ignores me and goes up to the desk of Ms. Bloomberg where I was also going.
Jamie says, “Ms. Bloomberg...”, but she is interrupted by another voice. Charles interrupts with a perfect loud Charlesian accent, “Ms. Bloomberg, I have some news about the person.” Charles turns and goes around the desk. He gives Jamie a hockey-check shove and continues to move toward Ms. Bloomberg.
Charles says, “i don’t have to honor you any more.”
Jamie quickly responds, “I have to honor you and you have to honor me.”
Charles is puzzled at the idea she would say she had to honor him, it’s not like her to make verbal mistakes as such. He moves past her notwithstanding and up to the desk of Ms. Bloomberg. Jamie angrily moves behind me and leans on my arm. I don’t know if she was trying to bite my arm or not. I remain quiet and so does she. ...


Themes of the Dream:

I. My friendship with Jamie is shattered in Real Life. “Being mean” to her is something i haven’t tried yet. I don’t know if it would work, but if pushing her would help her see that she should be nice to her ex-friend, i just might try that.

II. I like malls, i like shops, and moi

III. J’aime JMP (duh)
Silence. At the end of the dream is about 10 seconds of silence where she is next to me. I always see Hope in silences. Nothing she ever has said since April 2001 has inspired hope. For someone with little hope.
The rest would be silence. Silence would be good.



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