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  All the things she said:


February 2004.



Approach her saying, “Hi Jamie.”

She responds to me with neither pride nor prejudice. I stutter and ramble a while about things. She turns to me and says, “If you don’t say something interesting to me before the year’s up I’m never talking to you again.”

“All the things she said,
all the things she said,
running through my head,
running through my head”


  Conclusion:  February 27th, 2005, Saw her one and only time: Was going to Auto Zone to get sealant for rear view mirror which had fallen off for the third time. Passed her saying, “Hello Jamie.” she answered my name and that was that. I hope that was interesting.

Nicknamed Jamie the "girl of my dreams" because she's in many of them.  Often in small roles, she'll say things which reflect distance.




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