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  TITLE:  “A moment of silence”  Dreamt: January? 2004
Refugees carried belongings toward the ocean. The Nazis or some great dooming army followed behind and would destroy anyone who didn’t run toward the boats.

My foot treaded on top of the water. I carried a rolled up tent in my arms.

I arrived at the escape boats while people waited in great lines. The people were unnaturally calm. As long as you were there they were in no danger. For about 50 feet in all directions people stopped running and ceased worrying.

You stood in front of me. Long locks of brunette hair: ‘It had grown out’ so I considered: it has been a long time.

I clumsily bumped into the back of you and you turned around saying, “Is there something you wanted to say to me (Charles)?”

Somewhat disheartened I lowered my head and said, “No Kellie.” and you left. But, the peace you had emanated remained with the peoples.

* Dream Faded *


Moral: I want to speak to you, but I’m either ashamed or scared.

Theme Kellie, it’s pretty cool that, in my mind of my dreams, the bullets of World War II stopped just because you walked bye.



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