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  TITLE:  Army People Wrestling  Dreamt: April 5th 2004


  Army people wrestling in the ring: They lined up 5 in a row. There were ropes, a ground, an audience, and cameras flashing. People sold cotton candy in the stands. Where I was standing the ring stood before me.

The wrestling match continued. One tag team was beating the six army guys because the six army guys lined up in a straight line.

Wrestler 1# drop-kicked the first one and all the rest fell one into the other in a slow progression (dominos). Of course it looked silly to me also.

The finale of the match included an entire company of troops. (I think my imagination was showing off (maybe)) and included a horse.

Fifteen people and a horse standing off to the side. One of the wrestlers clothes lines the guy in the front and everyone falls, including the horse which does itself a wonderful acting/training job of falling as if it were touched.

** Cut scene**

Living in an apartment of filth; Pictures are strewn about the walls. Roaches probably infest the dirty unclean and disorganized room. Howard Stern is there with a woman while three men are chastising them.

“I see what’s going on” the three men say. “You’re trying to pull the wool over our eyes (living like this for one day).”


Howard responds, “No man, when you got to live you got to live the whole way in. This is how we do. Sometimes we pee in the living room. But I live here with my wife and we’re married.”

Seeing that line of questioning failed they try to criticize his TV shows, “You weren’t really interested in that model (on the show).” “You weren’t really just giving her a foot massage.” Howard looks worried and I sense he is generally concerned about something.

** Cut Scene **

On the Television set a model, played by Reece Witherspoon is being led by knife-point. She’s shirtless and facing the wall where you only see her back. The kidnapper prepares a towel which will go to cover her eyes.

** Final Scene **

Heather Mason turns to me and says kindly and softly with a southern accent that is genuinely hers, “Charles that is illegal.” She smiles kindly as she says it and turns around in her diner chair. She’s wearing her TM grey sweats.

I turn attention away from the television set.


Heather is saying the idea of capturing a girl is illegal. It is the funny omnipresent sort of thing Heather has always said to me. Even as I dream she’s there to tell me things.

The real morale is few could appreciate this dream. Howard’s dirty room, vulgar language and the scene with Reece seems really violent. But Heather, in my life, was a girl 100% able to understand the sexual imaginations of boys for the good they were. Heather was playfully reminding me to keep my dreams clean.




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