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  TITLE:  A boy arrived to hand me a letter.  Dreamt: Feb 24th 2004



A boy walked up and held out a letter for me. I pretended not to notice him so he would drop it on me.  The boy also waited and I took the note he had for me with annoyance.

The letter had the appearance of a “form” letter.  Written with a bubble pen were general words of encouragement and faith.   The letter had writing on two sides and the print was in the four corners. 

I was grateful and happy to get a letter from her and that she’d kept up her good ways.

The boy said, “She wrote about you in my letter.”  And quickly flashed me something she’d written,

“Why did your friend … Charles … at graduation… It says he muted me.” 

The boy was about to fold his letter and leave.  Before he could go, I seized his arm from the air and insisted, “Please let me read that.”  The letter was held open half by a show of force and half from his kindness.

“So, why did your friend Charles mute me at graduation?  I was told he did that like 3 times.  I hope everything’s ok.”

I turned to the “boy” and said, “It was one of the hardest days of my life.”  The boy says, “Yeah Charles, I notice, I wondered if I should say anything.” 

I respond, “No one should have talked to me.  I don’t think…I know I wouldn’t have listened.”





** Back flash **

I’m standing in the hall with all my piers, people rise up to give speeches.  Pain is burns seers through my heart. 

The reason: “I didn’t go to the alter a virgin.” Was the expression which I used to explain it if anybody had asked.  I played my Game boy.



My Gameboy: today I got a really high score playing world 3 part 1 of Super Mario Brothers. 

My Mario survived and reached end of world three’s first stage.

My Mario hit the final flag and “Buzzy Beatles” flew across the game’s sky to celebrate.  My Mario jumped and ducked and deftly dodged every new enemy and arrived at the final stage.


The Gameboy screen paused and lines of blocks appeared. 


A Lakitu is a Koopa enemy which rides on a cloud in the sky and drops “Spinies” which are porcupines at Mario.


Lakitu dropped many spinies onto the line of blocks.  The single touch of a Spiny would be instant death/game over. 

My Mario hit the first block and a 1-up (extra life) mushroom appeared and fell off the screen before I could get it. 

Some of the blocks were turning into coins making Mario an easier target as the line became more porous the spineys would fall through. 


The third block I hit had what I was looking for:  A heart went up and began to descend.  Grabbing it, the level was complete.


I saved my game’s progress immediately.  Following this stage was a bonus area.  In order to get a score I had to tap the button rapidly about 2 minutes.  I remembered doing this before and scoring over 1,700 taps.  I tapped faster and faster.  Though my fingers became tired I tapped onwards.   Eventually my score began to approach 1,000 and my time had only half lapsed.  Seeing that I would eclipse 2,000 I began to tap as hard as I could.  Taping makes you tired in dreams, you do feel fatigue.  Getting 22,500 score opened up a new level on the menu.  I was going to be able to…


  • New attributes now available in Practice mode
  • If you play it (the game said)


So, I entered the practice mode:

The first feature was, “Willie Mays Hays interview after 9/11 attacks.”

And a list of about 4 other options.  Seeing Willie Mays as a character I click the button.  Surprised a bit, the Gameboy begins to play an interview aloud. 

Gameboys have about 64k ram, so it’s really shocking that they could hold minutes of sound.

Looking up from my Gameboy…

Now, people in the room are playing a televised celebrity poker game.

Something I see convinces me people are cheating.  As a joke, one celebrity hugs another and makes a big deal implying he could be exchanging cards secretly.

But, even looking at the tables, I can see they’re cheating: 

First of all I peek quickly that, someone playing stud with an Ace and a King face up discarded an Ace of diamonds.

Secondly, a player with 2 Hearts (Jack of spades, and Queen, and 2 Kings, and 10) has also drawn the ace.  And even looking at the table you can see that there’s certainly 2 Jack’s of spades just sitting there.

Before I could ask if they are playing with two decks someone clears the table and start pouring out some writings.

One comments curtly “The show is watched by millions and this is what we’re doing.”

(Off topic, Consider if it would be funny if Earth is a “show” watched by millions of angels, and observing what you’re doing’ is all that’s occupying their time

The actors continue opening letters…

*FrontFlash! Look out people: we’re in real time!*


So, starting at the words Rebecca has written me I begin naturally to feel sad she interpreted my silence at graduation that way.  I remember the pain that day.


*A 2nd Dream Flashback:*


(You’re probably asking, how can dreams have flashbacks?, I don’t know either.  In my dream a flashback seems like a true “dream-memory”.  Either I’ve dreamt about this graduation before, or, my dreamer has a vivid pallet at his disposal able to create the emotion of remembering an event.)


I’m standing in the gym.  People are giving speeches.  It’s felt I’ve dragged myself there.  Graduation was the only force holding me to this place.  For anything else I would have not been there.  Because I’m really sad, depressed, and frankly in a state which my face is red, there is sweat on my neck.  I put on my headset and begin playing the soundtrack to Titanic.  The announcer actually says something to “everyone” about head-sets during one of the presentations; I simply ignore the warning and most of everything around me to concentrate on the pains in my own life.

I don’t know if Rebecca Love has yet given her speech.  I’m sure it was nice, even if I didn’t hear it.  Missing out made me sad.  But greater problems rested in the psyche of the heart.  *Forward Flash to Real time*



With the letter’s reminder and the memories of the day:


Ø      Helped a teacher pick up some crayons in the classroom.

Ø      During that conversation a student says, “1.6 billion people died in the earthquake in Afghanistan.  I tell him, “It’s a sad thing for many to die, but that number isn’t right.  He retorts back that it is.  And we argue a minute, I say, “there’s 1 billion people in China, 1 Billion People in Indya…”  At this point, realizing that there’s 5 billion people on earth, I become quiet because I don’t know where the rest of the people live.  Only that the US has ¼ million.  I include this in the writing to this moment because I want to show “the boy” in my dream that I was correct and he was wrong, and your stupid report was wrong.  There’s NOT 1 billion people in Afganistan.  (In a dream, you don’t have access to facts and figures, strangely now awake I totally KNOW there’s not that many)


Flew around a while.  Strangely, though I don’t normally use a broom to fly I was carrying one.  Carrying one, not to fly on but just as an accessory.  See Amy at the top of a large hill.  She’s wearing cheerleader garb and looks like girls are getting ready for a practice.  I think to myself, “wow, its good Amy still in to this stuff”  (On Topic thought: People don’t do many of the “sexy” things that they do when they’re young.  Like boys don’t play sports just to impress girls and so on.  It’s illogical.

 I land and make a dramatic whirl of my broom as I touch down on the ground.  I say a few nice words to Amy and she answers something back.

(Counter-Intuitively, I’m sure) I drift into my head and to thoughts.

These issues which haunt me are still there.  Would I prefer to act them out in the theatre I think to myself.   

(In the dream I “imagine” a flawless rendition of me standing in the theater empty and say a few words which reverberate perfectly through the auditorium even though there is not a microphone.)  Simply being in the theatre won’t solve my problems, but there’s no doubt it’s a special place.

Final private Narration to “God knows who” (meaning, I’m writing it, as if there’s someone who might be important enough to read it, but I don’t know of anyone off the top of my head I’d share this with:  But …

The great force which angered me at the “graduation” in my dream and which haunts me through all the facets of the realm of this nightmare toward the end is Ma…*I’ve never learned to spell that word correctly.  Probably because I learned about it a very many years after I had “discovered” it.  Once I discovered the word I immediately dismissed the idea as bogus and gross. 

The 2nd half of the same force is porn.  Though in no direct memories in the dream the forces act as a singularity which weigh down on my mind as a “problem” my sub-conscious seems to battle constantly with these background shadows.  I wonder even now, in this period of calm for a week if I’ve ever really delt with those forces on this plane, or if it’s even possible.


Final Thoughts:


What about Rebecca and the letter she wrote me?  The question seems Nostradomian[1] but I believe that even in the dream it was the 2nd strongest emotion I felt.  (in character) I know sometimes I’m left in the hands of “fate” to determine if I chance upon fortune.  What if the boy had refused to show me his letter, thought I grabbed his hand I wouldn’t have gone further to take it if he hadn’t kindly relented.

All I know is, if Rebecca wrote me a letter I would have read it greedily.  I didn’t give a reason to the boy nor am I able to manifest a conscious reason to you all good readers.  Suffice it to say If she communicates it’s an imperative that I not miss out.

Second final thought, I’m playing Chess at a tournament in my dream.  I feel like “Bobby Fischer” (SIC, the boy in the movie Searching for Bobby Fischer; heh! I used SIC correctly: Score)  The only question I have as I’m playing is, “am I going to destroy my opponent completely with a fury and style.” Or will I allow him to play.


[1] Nostradomian, An idea that one can make fortune teller predictions for anyone by being vague or having a large volume of predictions of which only 10% needs to remind you of truth.  Charles is referring to the fact that only 5% of his letter includes a letter from Rebecca and he’s ear-marking it as the “most important” part of the dream.




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