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Ended up walking toward downtown


March 24, 2004

  End up walking toward “downtown” and there she (Miranda) is, standing near a building: black hair and clothes. Follow up to her 3rd floor studio.

*Do a picture of a window shot from a 3rd floor studio in NYCity.

There are many unfinished art-works. Tools line the tables, the walls have various odd-works. Mostly looks like a craftshop. Immediately, before I can begin any sort of conversation I have an insaciable need to blow my nose. Both my nostrels are stopped up completely. So, I grab a tissue and begin to blow for about 15 seconds.

She says, “that’s gross”, I say, “mmm, okay so, show me what you’re doing here”. She goes over to the window and looks out. She makes some expression as if she sees something she thinks shouldn’t be there. I want to ask but instead have to blow my nose again. So, I look down, and there’s a table with another artwork on it covered with 3 paper napkins. I reach to grab one before I think to ask if it’s ok. When I have it in hand I realize she didn’t seem to mind, so I don’t ask and start blowing again for 10 seconds. She says, “do you think that’s going through your mouth?”

I say, “No Miranda, It’s something you have to know about me. I get scinouses in Winter time.

So, you hear what they’re going to do with skateboards? She says this as she takes a unfinished skateboard and begins to put varnish on it with a white towel.

I say, “no” and consider that they have made skateboarding illegal in other parts of the country (sic). I can just imagine a police officer picking up a skateboard from a person.

Two other people walk in who are moving things in the studio. No, I really hadn’t thought about that law, trying desperatly to force some kind of conversation.

I guess it ended with her just polishing that table and skateboard.
  Moral or General thoughts

Obviously a title could be “Miranda, In a New York City studio.” New York is the largest and best of all cities. I fear the commitment and enormas dedication a person must have to live in the Megaopolisis. I find it funny that artists want to work in New York, but, not ever actually show her work to people. Its like, they want to act, paint, or sculpt in a big city, yet, don’t take the opportunity to showcase their works to any additional people. Therefore the benefit of being in a large place seems largely lost.

Springfield, Clarksville, Nashville, Atlanta, Chicago New York.
Smallest…….. bigger, Bigger, BIGgger, Large, MegaLargHuge.

As person feel that my life would evolve eventually until I “fit” in a larger city.

This is especially important because yesterday drove from Clarksville, Through Nashville, Towards Atlanta listen to and see one of my favorite vocalists.

*I’d like to tell you about Britney in my “britney” letter.*

Clearly a 2nd idea thematic of Miranda is that she’s working on fixing, repairing, or crafting something with her hands. Think of her thematically as a craftsman.

“Miranda standing at the Window.” La petite fille a le fenetre. –Allusion to an art-work from an Artists Michelle Huerta said she liked once. Renders a young girl in a skirt staring from the window towards the boats passing in the ocean.

Miranda is portrayed as having one self who is very aware she’s in a grand world staring out. She seems to know what’s right and wrong about things, yet, does little to nothing about it. She’s remaining content to stay in her small studio and whittle at her projects.

(PS Any descriptions of “Miranda” are those of yourself in my dream. I’m not saying these things definitely describe who you are, that’s for you to do. There’s no real-life ulterior motive like I’d say, “miranda, be more politically active, or, Miranda move to New York. Or, a 3rd possibility: Miranda be more ‘cool’ work with skateboards and dye your hair black (I find myself scared to leave that written (typed) there for fear you might change your locks. Also, by the time you were in your studio you had returned to looking like you normally do: Somewhat tall, pretty brunette girl with, in this case blue-jean overalls.”

Basically this interpretation is what I’ve begin referring to as the Mythic Miranda.
I notate feelings and how each scene was interpreted by myself.)



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