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  TITLE:  Ever seen the movie named "Cube 3 Hypercube"?  Dreamt:

Sunday Morning
January 9th, 2004.


“Have you ever seen Cube hypercube?” I asked to the girl who was passing.

“No.” she replied casually. “Then she won’t understand what I’m about to do.” I began walking upon the perpendicular wall of the room until she and the floor was sideways. Freedom to do such things is a simple if your body forgets its gravity.


I was stuck in an elevator. I had lost my group. There were about 15 Floors and kept going to each place seeing none of the group. Eventually, I saw someone but the door shut or they walked off before I could ask. The elevator panel began beeping an Error message glaring in the display. Fiddled with the buttons until the elevator got moving again. Walked to and through the library. This library has many cubicles and is a mainstay of Charlesland-D. There are books and computers. But the computers are entirely too old to be there. The computers have green LCD screens. On a table was delighted to find a pair of pants and a sweatshirt of mine. I dressed quickly stretching the fabric. This ended the dreaming.


Moral- I consider this a “minor” and small dream.  But I’m including it to demonstrate that when I get a cool dream it is mixed with smaller dreams. 

Life could be about going up and down and side to side.  The Z-Axis is something for people without imagination.  Just fly upwards or enter a space elevator.




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