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  TITLE:  For Reasons  Dreamt:

March 14, 2004


Searched for a path between middle school and elementary school.  I snuck around hoping to go to both un-noticed.  By sneaking passed the guards.  Early school years are my happiest memories and roots.

I saw the gym which reminded me of cheerleaders and ballgames.

A girl jumped up toward the basketball goal and pretended to get stuck in the hoop.

In a basketball court.  Standing around.  Staring at la grande blond girl from Convergys, an old telephone job.  Noticed how tall she was and how easy it was her to dunk the basketball every time. 

I considered, “All you need to do is slap her to and take the ball away.” 

I laughed at the ridiculous idea, “You just can’t slap peoples faces Charles.”
I took a step backwards because I was giggling in the girl’s face without a good reason.  Someone came over and I explained why I was laughing and he proceeded to begin explaining it to her.

Camille Pedigo stood right in front of me.  I starred up asking, “Could you please help me up?”  “Going to have to pull me real hard.” 

Camille pulled me up swiftly saying, “I’m damn good.”  I agreed, “Yeah, I know that.” 

“Heh Camille, what have you been up to?”  She replied, “I got my GI Bill (Scholarship).”  I interrupted her.  Starring at Beth Shelton and Camille Pedigo I retorted, “What? You 2 haven’t done anything?  You were the Valedictorian and you’re really smart.

Both immediately began smarting with anger and one girl pinched my arm as dream ended.


8-9 years for you too Charles (since high school) , what did you get?




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