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  TITLE:  Disaster of great proportion had happened  Dreamt: March 13, 2:00 pm

Short version: I am arrested for trespassing at a movie when I should have been looking for the person who was going to cause widespread destruction.

It was Noon, I entered the building to look for cover. I jumped the checkpoint line and went with Chris/my brother to the room. 

Arrived at a meeting place and under a sofa found an ID Card and birth certificate of a Chinese citizen.  “This ID might be useful in apprehending the suspect.” I think.

“Who was that?”  An older actor would be coming to our defensive line before 2:00 pm. 

This person would bring with him great destruction but would not be the cause of it.

I had no plan of how to deal with this individual.  He could be a long way away now.” I considered.  Maybe I should watch a movie while I wait.

Someone walked slowly toward the door unseen and knocked.  I said, “Come in” but he waited silently.  I wondered who was there, hoping it was my dad. 

In an hour my Dad would arrive.  He had uncovered the plot and would know more details.

The gendarme announced, “Come with me.  We want this to be painful. So, we’re going to arrest you” I responded, “I (know I) am trespassing” and began to cry.  I tried to talk some assuagement into the person; “This is the first time I’ve done anything wrong, even a parking ticket.” 

I passed the gate again and Jamie’s mom was there (for some reason).  I continued to cry and worry, would the disaster be averted and how. 

Then a quandary struck me.  What if I’m being arrested trying to do the “right thing.”  It occurred to me I didn’t have to sneak into the movie theatre in the first place, pending disaster or not.


I reached in my pocket to show my ID card, felt it and threw it on the table.  It was a slip of paper with my name and social security number in black ink.  Reached again into my pocket and threw my Driver’s license on the table saying, “someone should read this today.”


What if you’re “Just about” to do something “real important” like assuaging catastrophe or spreading the Gospel and you do something dumb like get arrest for legitimate reasons (Circa Martha Stuart).  Should you be feeling “good” or “bad”??





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