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Gremlins Invading My Home

February 19, 2004


Gremlins invading the house:  I rest scared in the light of my room.   

I have a wooden stake and a flashlight.  I search for batteries and another stake in case the one I’m using breaks.

 I am not going to take the chance of my stake breaking and the gremlins attacking while I am unarmed.

I consider myself brave that I am leaving the room to fight such dangerous monsters.

Head toward the bathroom and shine the flashlight about.  “They’ve hidden themselves!” I consider.  “I can sense they’re red eyes glaring through the darkness at me. 

** As the dream ends I’m disappointed I didn’t get to battle.  **


:  Even in my dream, the gremlins could have been real or imagined.  Waking up I searched around the room to be certain I was safe.  I repeated to myself a mantra, which comforts me:

 “If gremlins exist in life, then why would they begin attacking me of all people first?”

Moral II: Most people are egocentric.  Being egocentric, I know people will assume this dream is about them or is a story with some moral.  Assure you they are wrong.  I dream a lot, and annotate them precisely as I remember.

Respectfully submitted for your consideration,

Charles S. Bloodworth,

A.P.S.U. Bachelor of Liberal Arts.


Ordnum ist halb des liben 
Order is half of life.





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