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  Jerry Seinfeld teaches  Dreamt: January 17th 2004
  I sit in front of my computer to type out this dream with my eyes shut:

Jerry Springer (Seinfeld) teaches with a comedy routine at the University of Western Florida.

Jerry speaks with his famous honker voice, “We have ... too much time.” the pause resonates.

He stares blankly at the audience. The students attend a punch line which Is never delivered. “We’re going to be together for 5 hours more.” Seinfeld continues and remains stationary as if the still worlds spinning ceased.

Jerry continues, “You expect me to give you some great …. You want me to say anything. Then so you can say, ‘That’s right’ and get some self affirming personal power response. I’m not going to let you off so easily, and the student crowd chuckles.

Within my dream I awoke, arose and went to my computer to begin typing again with my eyes shut. I typed in this way I believed so I wouldn’t forget the mindset of the dream. As I typed I said, “The Lord hast called thee, Yes by name,” misquoting a Bible verse. I was thinking God has individual plans for us and me.

I wanted to offer to help Seinfeld by protecting his monster hunts in Ultima Online. “If you could bandage someone that would help.” Someone in the audience said.

Next to my mental picture of a bandage a (plus +232) appeared. I considered it a positive thing to spend time on earth doctoring.

I postulated that my life’s job could be selling the shininess of pennies. Most pennies are naturally shiny. Actually most are not. But, you can convince people of anything.

Jerry showing the group a picture of O-Ren Ishii from Kill Bill (illustrate in a few moments). Someone comments, “Well her socks were a little young for a 19 year old.

It looks like we won’t get to see any more of O-Ren Ishii. The story has been sent to the Japanese something. I get the image of an old ancient text. I think whatever the future of that young girl it must be violent.


Leaves blow near the Mall. A plastic bag floats in the wind “The most beautiful thing in the world”. I recall that Tommy has said that movie American Beauty. In the movie someone looked at a bag and said, “That is the most beautiful thing in the world” Am of the opinion that we have parallel idea that is silly alongside with the write of the line, and the audiences which also believe that a bag is none too special.

I “Wake up” again and walk toward the computer. Begin typing the details of my dream word for word, on the computer.

Tommy said during a dream you cannot read. This is probably why I shut my eyes while I was typing before I think. I have yet to disprove this hypothesis as it seems somewhat proven by the result of the coincidence that I shut my eyes when typing the first part of the dream word for word while sleeping.

Next, red ants began to fill the ceiling above where I was typing on the computer. Hundreds and thousands appeared and almost covered the light on the ceiling. Didn’t know why red ants lived on the ceiling but they had multiplied into a great swarm.

Postulated going down into the basement and getting a can of Raid and spraying all the ants and watching them drop one by one onto the floor. I would start with a few and then continue spraying until they were all dead.

I would get up and begin to spray.

*I wonder what time it is*: 11:10 PM, 2004, January, 17ty, as my eyes open again…

In another library see Mr. Davis. He asks, “Did I get him that book.” Referring to an ancient manuscript book from earlier. After a few moments someone reassures him that indeed he had given the book to the student to whom he was referring. An image of the old book with runic covers and water colored faded paintings flashes into my mind.

Dr Muir, one of my former professors. He is one of the smart people in life. Ask him, “Could you be part of my life’s Glossary.” I could ask him questions about words or definitions whenever I needed to. It was not meant to be directly kind or complimentary. The idea that a person is simply your glossary is somewhat insulting also.


Moral—God gives us all too much time. Even those diagnosed with Cancer at some awful age are given too much time to do that which they sought to accomplish during their lives. Jerry Seinfeld does not let us off the hook with some joke to remedy that situation. We have enough time to do good works if we try.

Moral II – When I typed in my dream, the computer screen was different. I didn’t notice that until now. The screen was black; the letters large and white like a chalkboard I believe.

Back flash 

Back in school: The teacher is a middle-aged lady. As I walked around I ended up in the girl’s bathroom. I leave the girl’s bathroom somewhat embarrassed.

Leave staring at the signs which mark the two restrooms and say to myself, “Now, next time when I go in I shall refer myself to these” I pick up the wooden sign and move it and hold it in my hands.

I ask the teacher in the hallway for my place. She shows me a desk and says, “You can use here dear.” It is a 3rd graders desk with Crayola crayons and elementary ruled notebook paper. The beds are strewn about in disarray. There are a group of students leaving the building from a younger grade. I wondered to myself, “Where are the people my age?”

I walk to the next room. A dark long haired brunette girl is there. She wears a one piece dress which is dark also. She is sewing together many outfits with a sewing kit and by hand using a needle. Walk up to her and sit near. She seems rather not to understand what reason I’m sitting next to her.

Normally when you approach an attractive girl and show some attention they usually understand and put up with nonsense from boys. This girl wasn’t giving any benefit of the doubt and just continued sewing with an interrupted annoyance. I asked her a sewing question. As she ran a needle through the fabric and a thought ran through my mind.

“I don’t want to be near another girl who sews.” Sewing reminds me of her. I get up and leave.

Moral III Miss her. Didn’t like diluting reminders of her and … Timing. (Charles knows someone who sewed in his past).

Moral IV Box in a box. Twice in my dream I wake up from my dream. By the time I actually wake up am so disillusioned I walk to the computer and write down the dream with my eyes closed just as I had already written 2 paragraphs of the dream down in my dream. My mind is completely capable of creating an endless paradigm but chooses to eventually free me.




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