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“Jumping through Fences”


August 28, 2004




Bruce Lee teaches a style of martial arts with jumping and kicking.

An old samurai teacher walked alongside me and I asked if he would train me.  Then, he began running.  I was confused for a moment, then realized: speed is important to martial arts.  The samurai taught the art of moving along the ground plane. 

You see, If an object blocked his way he would shrink his face or torso to squeeze through it while his feet remained on the ground.  He slinked up and down between the poles of a staircase as I observed.

Next, I arrived at a gate and the stranger asked if I would try.  I ran toward it speedily and without concern that it would hurt if I failed.

The samurai place his hand upon my shoulder my world became dizzy and I passed through the gate.  Worry gripped me.  The trick might have been transforming part of your body into a daemon.  I realized I had never asked why he would train me.  Wanted to ask when he should be paid.

Martial Arts, athletics.  The Dark side of the Force.



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