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  Lecturing a group of Students  Dreamt: December 2004
  (Including Beth Shelton) held captive in a theater. There was a piano on the stage. I ranted and walked up and down the aisles.

The point was simply to draw attention to my musical work which had gone unnoticed Someone raised their hands and I made his hand burn with a magical fireball. Their hand burned. Wonder if he shot the fireball back from his hand toward myself: Would I be harmed?

“In a few moments, then, you may all leave.” I said. “Okay you. ___” (my authority was eroding, I wondered if I really had enough magic to keep them there.) People were getting up any ways and began heading toward the doors.

I continued, “Your assignment due next Friday is to explain the merit of my underappreciated opera. People left and I walked. Wishing to show how powerful I was to the students. I searched the theatre until I found a particularly ugly girl. Using psychic powers I turned her face inside out and set her on fire. I did this a couple of times.

The last girl to walk off was a brunette girl named Nancy Yount. I said, “I know where you live.” My eyes closed and tried to teleport to her house. The world went dark and my world metaorphasised.

A voice called out from the darkness. “Charles, do you want this ramen from Breakfast?” and the dream faded.






Ironically, I did end up where the girl lived. From my dreams to planet Earth.

* The judgment of whom I choose to destroy: A person’s fate was upon the shape and prettiness of her face. (Vanity)

One needs attention, and appreciation or one becomes jealous and destructive. Ever seen the Twilight Zone episode named, “A good day.” I was acting like the child from that episode, using unlimited powers to get my way and make people see my musical works.




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