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TITLE:  Falling from Earth


March 06, 2004


I was flying in a plane and a girl held a bottled water.  The girl was a spy-girl, one of those “glossy dames” with legs.  Predictably, the engine began to overheat and the water then started spilling out of the engine compartment.  I told her, “Don’t bother”, but she did it anyways.  She poured her bottled water into the now boiling engine tube.

The engine began to stall, the plane began to fall.  “Level the plane” I told the pilot.

Looked down and watched the ground become closer and closer.

I said a prayer, “Dear Savior (non-sic), please forgive me of all my sins and lead everyone on this plane to heaven.

The last thing I said was funny to me:  “Here I go again dying (in a dream).”  Though it felt real, I felt I had done this before and everything would be all right.  The fall stopped for a moment near around the ground.  My thoughts turned dark and I felt a nervous anxiousness.  No matter how many times you die, you always wonder if this is the “real one” will this death hurt?

(Put photograph of the Clarksville from Aero craft view digitized here:)

From the darkness of the ground I started flying up.  My mind returned me to the air, continued upward through the atmosphere.  Using greens, blues my mind portrayed the earth’s visualization perfectly.   I kept flying because I wondered if I’d be able to imagine the Earth with the Moon next to it.  I did that pretty good in my imagination [and in my Paint Jpeg picture too].  I felt panic seeing the moon next to the earth.  Again, I focused my mind on returning to my planet.  Focused on the Sphere of the earth again and for a moment re-fixed the planet as my sole gaze.  I lost concentration again my vision drifted to the cosmos.


[“Some people dream in color, I dream in Microsoft paint.”]


Continued traveling through the cosmos until everything begins to converge into points of light.  I’m rather concerned that I’m lost in the universe.  It’s rather difficult to tell directions when you get out there.  I’m worried I’ll not find home.


Moral time! 

Some might think the convergence of light might be heaven [or hell]

When Judgment day speaks about being “Left Behind” I now prefer to think that’s exactly what it might be like.  To live as a spirit in the Universe for eternity watching the Universe fold, unfold, form and reform without care or concern for you for all the years of eternity while others go to a more heavenly place.  Some might see this existence as a form of peacefulness.  In this version there are no pains or tortures besides loneliness.  Sometimes you might feel loneliness but you’d realize there’s no one in the Universe to meet you. 

To be left behind in this Universe as a soul.

2nd moral.   I love being right.  That stupid girl and her bottled water!  I knew that wouldn’t fix the engine.  Just because you happen to have a bottle of water, and the engine is overheating does not mean that is the solution.  *I just realized she might have given me time to pray.* but that is hardly the point.  I was right, she was wrong.  One moral of this dream could be “Charles would rather be dead than wrong.”, but we would have died anyways, so I’m glad I was right and dead.

Moral 3:  you have too many dreams.

Moral #4.  Had a question:  Since in my dream I’m falling from a plane to the earth.  Then I “bounce” into the atmosphere and am finally able to see the Earth and Moon.  Would people living in Columbus’ time ever dreamt that the world was flat and flying through the sky and falling into a flat world.  Question 2# what did the Earth look like from the “Sky” of their imaginations.  Was it a Cube or what?  And, if it was a cube, why didn’t people who were Always drawing paintings ever paint what that cube or square might look like. 

“Peace out”, come Hell or High water:  (Something is activating clichés in my brain) cya, Charles.






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