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  Title: Miscellaneous  Dreamt: March 2004
  March 22nd 2004

Kellie said, “People aren’t like us Charles. They don’t know about Jesus”. The discussion had concerned a more historical version of the Bible.

Dreamt of a house party where people wore different colored clothes. Girls wore cheerleader outfits and beat each other up.

Darth Vador chased me. Padmé and I ran up the stairs. I had to stop some disaster, which had happened once. But, I had been sent back in time to stop.

March 31st 2004

Hank and I were battling. A black bird helped me fight. [A familiar is an animal, which is bonded to you; wizards frequently have them]. Our animals battled using Pokémon-style powers until my bird ran out. I was thirsty in the dream and when I awakened.




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