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  TITLE:  Collecting acorns and buckeyes/ Jamie says hi.  Dreamt: October 3, 2004

Collecting acorns and buckeyes/ Jamie says hi.

 Collecting acorns and buckeyes with relatives in Alabama.  We gathered the nuts into Zip Lock Bags.  After a while the Zip Lock bags were filled with nickels, dimes, and quarters.  I collected the quarters until my bag was completely full.

 Carrying the bag I began walking toward my College campus.  Jamie exited the library and walked down the sidewalk in the opposite direction.  I said, “Hi Jamie” as we passed.  She surprised me some saying “(oh) Hello Charles.” continuing apparently interrupted.

 I entered my fathers mini-van thinking, “I could sell that hello for 2 dollars.” I thought again, “What is said is said, let it be worth what it is (Its more than 2 dollars, she’s not said hello for 3 years).

 Begin driving toward a grocery store.  I walked passed a bag with deodorant and soft drinks in the parking lot under someone’s car.  I jump from the car and go to pick them up.  When I see a lady approaching I say, “did you lose your things” she says, “yes”.  All of her groceries are apparently half opened and underneath her car.   I help move the groceries from under the car but not offer to help put them in her trunk.  She’s seen lifting the huge case of beer from the ground which I moved.

 One beer can is almost empty and leaking.  There is no trashcan anywhere.  I hold it for moments realizing wherever I put the can will leak and smell bad.  Eventually I set it on our Mountain Dew Stack. 

Dad stops at the gas station and picks up a soft of mixture which was meant for a Nissan.  After that he speeds the car to a very high speed and places it into cruise control.  a sharp turn almost immediately appears.  Instead of slowing down the car wheels skid and turn and do not make the turn.  The car skips into the field.  Not wearing my seatbelt as we skid through the field.  The car’s wheels seem to have little traction or friction.  Instead of turning into the direction of the skid which might cause the car to flip, the car remains on course.  The obvious appears:  Trees in the distance will surely smash into the side of the car.  I warn Ted/Tommy/Chris to brace themselves.  Myself also holds firmly to the side of the automobile.  A crash seeming more imminent I say, “Close your eyes” so that we don’t get shards of glass in them.  We do hit a tree in slow motion.  The auto’s middle right bends and the entire van bends and falls down the hill toward a construction site.

 In this situation, my Dad after coming from Grandpa’s house which was damaged beyond repair, to then, Totally destroying Grandpa’s truck seemed rather calm about the situation.  We simply drove amongst the construction people as it seemed the right thing to do.

 One of them handed my Dad a piece of paper through the window as we passed.  I was sure that on the piece of paper which looked like a schematic was probably some construction joke about things going wrong and getting damaged.

 The site itself was enormous.  And much machinery was completing much work with men working.

 Saw Chuck in the road in front of us.  The van was taking up the entire road so he tried to walk around and ended up just jumping in.  (the front of the van didn’t have a hood or a window, you could just get in)

 Chuck was a Red headed kid wearing a White suit, a Red Tie, a clip board, and one of those colorful red decorations which go from the front pocket to the collar.  Being curious I asked, “Heh Chuck, what are you doing on the site (I’m unemployed I whisper softly…But, we were on our way to our grandparents and…)

 I work with the females of the site when they need to consider (scales.)  I imagine that s.c.a..l.e.s is an acronym military for something and decide to ask mother tomorrow.  Anyways, I comment, “Well, anyone at a construction site with a nice white suit without any dirt or dust on it must be doing very well.”




 “Hello from Jamie.” In my dreams and reality when I saw her at the YMCA I think my mind is trying not to make a big deal or get any sort of imaginative hopes up.  I don’t know if I can hope to hope yet.  I mean, if she needed to know “something” would...  I don’t know

 2# What is success in the business for Charles?  “a nice white suit without any dirt or dust on it must be doing very well.” – Being clean and wearing a suit which is nice looking.




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