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  Shotguns and Girls  Dreamt: April 1st, 2004
  Caleb Church, Tommy (my brother) and I were going to fix a skateboard which we had wrecked. I had gone with them toward a campground site.

Flashback: In a room with a microphone and a bunch of folks. Everyone gives me an inordinate amount of attention. Was chewing on a toothpick and wished to say something. I said, “This meeting has come to destiny.”

Everyone paid attention and then Dad sat down in the “Judges Chairman Chair” next to me and said, “This meeting has now come to order.” Said to myself, “Is this ‘real?” and continued. A girl said, “He’s got something in his mouth, someone go hit him in the back.” Pretended to have nothing in my mouth. She continued. Someone stood and walked over to me to hit me on the back. I turned and hit this person squarely on his fat stomach. ** End Flashback ***

Caleb drove us in a van quickly passing a person driving a pickup truck.

Caleb hit the pickup truck after we passed by.

The driver sped from behind and approached us. He walked out of the moving pickup, stood outside his car and brandished his shotgun. Wind, momentum, or normal forces did not apply here. As this was happening, turned toward the daughter asking, “Do you want any chips or something? She pulls out an enormous bottle of some red flavored alcohol and takes a gulp. Asked her, “Cherry Something?” she responds something and I take the bottle and drink from it.

The drunken man says, “Why did you hit me. I’m going’ a kill you!”

At some point Caleb turned around and hit his truck a second time (clearly for fun and to bother the guy) and sped our van away. Outrunning a truck with a van seemed nearly impossible in my mind in the dream. The drunkard’s vehicle was upon us in a matter of seconds.

Drunkard again takes out his shot-gun and berates us. We try to convince him we’re good peoples. “We’re going to the nameless forest to fix a skateboard!” (which I believe belongs to me). He seems unmoved and places the pistol up to his head after waving it at us a few times.

Decide the situation (A little ‘narration here. This is how it happened, throughout this mans ranting and having a gun pointed at me I had my attention and concentration on the girl in the passenger seat. Didn’t notice the significance of how I was ignoring his ranting until I came to this point in writing. It is worthy of my attention now and pull my attention from his daughter.

“Sir, we could help repair your truck. I’m really good at repairing things. Right now we are going to repair my skateboard. We could fix your truck.

The man retorts “You going to fix my truck, and my (shot) gun, and my life? Well, I got to go.” He begins to unicycle away with excessive speed. Though it’s not a unicycle you pedal. Rather he’s just speeding with a metal object beneath him.

Continue traveling and on the side of the road see some policemen. Ask Caleb, “Shouldn’t we tell someone what happened?” Caleb seems to agree. Caleb was sort who enjoyed telling any story. Though, we’ll probably leave out the part about hitting the guy twice and just refer to his lawlessness, drunkenness.

After all, he did threaten to kill many people tonight. “I’m going to kill everyone.” said he.

So, as said, we go towards the policemen. They stand on the corner of where school children are hanging out. Caleb shouts, “Heh,” to this policeman, and “Heh, let me...” but policemen seem to ignore him. Watch the scene puzzled and then realize that they are questioning the students and arresting them. They are “busy.” so we must continue.

Arrived walking together through an office building/mall and see officers putting on bullet-proof vesting and preparing for their days work. Caleb is going to tell the story of the wild drunk man myself because Caleb Church is so much better at “wild tales” and he’s also seemed quite anxious to do it.


A girl is there at her locker, so I approach her. We begin walking, we’re alone. She’s brunette pretty. Begin speaking seriously, “There was this person, and he said, “I’m going to kill everyone. He had a pickup and a shot-gun.” That made me laugh, everything about that guy was red-neck. She answers, “Oh yes? And your description was pretty recognizable (meant to be sarcasm, like “that could be anyone).”

Answer, “Oh yes, I guess you get these things happen everyday though. Some crazy guy says they’re going to kill peoples.” She answers without a response.

We continue walking, feel the walk has gone on longer than I had expected. Turn to look at her. After all, I had finished my story and she was still there. I asked, “So you want me (to be your boyfriend)? Reach out to hold her hand. She grips back my hand and we continue walking. She seems contented yet not over-anxious at the situation.

At this point the situation becomes almost psychic to me. Begin saying, “it’s not the entire truth, I haven’t told you that.”

She stops and stands, and stares at me silently

I continue “if you’d like to hear it, I’d be glad to tell you. I haven’t been entirely honest with you yet.”

She begins to sit down and in the middle of her descent the entire image fades for enough moments for me to watch it fade into a grey. The dream is ended.

Lesson: There are 3 girls in the dream: Clear focus, Charles will pick “the girl” out of any situation ignoring many of the other details.

He also “accidentally” fall for them. In the first instance, the girl bothering him for chewing and “eating” his toothpick Charles thought was cute and it didn’t bother him at all that she was bothering him

2nd part, in a car chase with a drunken red-neck madman, Charles chooses to discuss things with the daughter ignoring the interesting situation.

3rd part he picks the girl cop with two other rough and ready guys around and the dream itself focuses on them walking alone ending at the door to the mall. . Funny is in the police station when the phrase is written “A girl is there at her locker, so I approach her.” It is the “so” as if it had to be.




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