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  Standing by the River's bend  Dreamt:  January 3rd 2004
  Standing by the river bend, near a soccer field.
The players were playing and the time remaining on the clock is one second.

Every clock on the field and on the refereeís wrist read 0:01. The players continued playing and nothing anyone can do to move time to end the game.

I leave.

Walk toward the riverside. Waves are forming. Get a one-person boat and motor across the water. Many are going to die soon. A flood is coming. My father is superhero. He is able to make boats fly off. Water rises up the hill forming a floodís crest:

A rude person who I know swam alongside me in the deep waters.
There was a girl in this story but I forget. 
She was the reason the unmannered person shoved me and in response I held him under the water in a headlock until we were both submerged.


Each phase of breathlessness passed in succession: Warm cheeks, tighten throat, lungs tense, shoulders broad.

Then, in the depth of the water I did something unusual: I inhaled air.
One single breath then another and I would have to swim back up.

As I woke up I took several well-deserved breaths.





Timing is important. Live like itís your last second.

My blankets and sometimes choke me while I sleep. The End.




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