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  World War field  Dreamt: May 27th 2004
  My brother Tommy had been talking about his bike ride.
Tommy, “Someone was driving under a bridge and a kid dropped a 10 lb rock."
"The rock must have been this... *made hand gesture*

"It ended him!" (Movie quote from good will hunting.)

The story was interrupted by sounds of airlines flying by and flashes of light. A stealth bomber and many fighter jets buzzed by overhead. A hideous sound began to scratch my ears. The sound of 3 sonic boom of the planes passing at once.

Covered my ears. Didn’t seem to mind the aircrafts. “We are at war” I thought to myself. The ground shook sands blew across the field with sparks on fire. Knew that would draw mom. She got out of the field and there was a lot of distant movement in the field of trees. I lost sight of everything.

The next action horrified me: The trees exploded from air to surface missiles near where my brother Eric was. My sense of self preservation battled my concerns. I could choose to go down to the smoke and flame filled valley and risk death. Military soldiers came from my left. Planes overhead said, “Taste me bitches.” We are at war, My Family in Danger and being bombed.

Do you approach toward the fire?

  MORAL/CONCLUSIONS:  War is Hell or something.  



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