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  A soldier war front is dying.   Dreamt:

August 15, 2005


He is on his belly crawling underneath one of those barbed wire grids on a battlefield.  He is stuck:  over five of the wires have criss-crossed his chest and legs.  Gun fire from a distant enemy is getting closer.  They seem to prey on an easy non-moving target.  Three troops from the soldier’s army approach from behind.  They begin to try to help asking, “what happened.”  But, one of the soldiers says, “We’ve got a hanger, move on!”  The three soldiers continue to crawl past emphasizing the hopeless of the situation.  Hope was dimming. 

 The wires were held in place by 2 posts on either side.  A man with a pair of shiny steel pistols approaches from behind the soldier.  He fires twelve precise shots at the post and the wire.  Each shot pierces the wire exactly; not a single bullet is wasted and the soldier is free.  The stranger reins his guns and speaks, “I’ve searched thousands of battlefields just to find you.”  The soldier does not even turn around to face his savior.  In complete madness he runs away from the direction of the voice and into the imperial forces lines vanishing.

The “Camera” backs up and you can see the “man” whom had made the shots.  There was a large alien device on his head.  Something of machinery, a gun wrapped together like a turban and attached solidly to the mans cranium.

 The fleeing soldier approaches the enemy line they are advancing so quickly they are falling over each other.  They look like pieces of alphabet soup being spilled from a can.


The Jedi walk about slowly looking for someone within the camp.  They dare not brandish their weaponry.  Thousands upon thousands of imperial clone troopers walk about.  One of them walks out of formation but no one seems to notice.  The troopers are loading up for departure.  There is a great space vessel and they are filling into it.  The Jedi can sense something.  They equip their light sabers and despite the danger of attracting attention activate them.  They can sense something near.

 The last soldier entering the battleship left put his hand on the spinning door and was spun into the battleship.  The Jedi had not noticed.

The Jedi board their small interstellar vessel and instinctively follow the imperial cruiser.  They plotted the cruisers destination to a nebula in a distant part of the galaxy.  The Jedi make a course that is in the general direction yet, different enough to assuage suspicion.

 The Jedi approach the imperial cruiser and a communications channel is opened.  “You have our younglings on board.”

 The message replies from the cruiser, “Perhaps if we were paid a tribute then the younglings would not be missing.”  They are going to barter for their release.  A voice from the back says something.  It is a very tall man (7 feet) but quite thin to form.  He wears rich red Arabian clothing.  He makes such a poor offer that his family members speak poorly of him.  He bows his head and resigns from his position. 

 Understand, in their society, it is not only a familial bond but an economic one.  For the head of the clan to be dishonored so is to have his economic control of the family relinquished.  It is a major honor system there.

 The man bows his head and leaves.

 The JEDI are going to board the enormous ship to search for the two missing people.  It is a difficult task but one they are committed to.


What would so scare a person, that, upon being released from a life threatening situation they would run head long into the an army of enemies he was fighting, just because it is the quickest way away from the threat.

Almost get the feeling, the army threatens his life.  Somehow this one might threaten his soul.  How often do we fear things which hurt us?  But flee not from that which harms the soul.  Who cares, that’s the best moral I can come up with.

August 15, 2005




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