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Carnival Britney

 Dreamt: April 22nd 2005
  Britney Spears was changing because she had just broke up with her boyfriend. She was dressing differently and trying to adjust her personality to become more outgoing.

We were on a train. Britney’s sister Jamie Spears was there too.

I was flying with relative ease towards somewhere.

Stopped at a bank and walked up toward the front desk. A lady teller asked my business. Explained was on search for a house placement tool. Told her I had searched a hardware store and K-mart and everywhere for this tool.

There was an empty plot 18 squares wide and 18 squares long the tool could claim for residence. The tool had the power to both claim the land and create the walls, windows and the doors of the residence.

Flew to a carnival where many gypsy booths were set up. It was nighttime so everything was closed down. However you could see all the gypsies style carnival wagons lining the side of the streets. Though I knew gypsy trinkets are worthless pieces of junk the idea of playing the games and winning the junk is somewhat interesting.

The drive to be somewhere, to do something to avert consequences.

I had to keep flying.

The End.

April 22nd 2005.

Wanted to meet Britney Spears but not talk to her.
Britney is single in Charlesland.




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