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  Title: Chutes and Ladders  Dreamt: May 19th 2005

Walking up the line to a great slide ride and entered the doorway.  There was a room full of children waiting in line and a line that went up the stairs of the multi-leveled slide.  The slide was made of sections.

Climbed several rows of stairs and arrived at a controls platform.  The slide’s controls were made up of several different colored levers.  If you pressed up on one then you made the corresponding section of the slide appear and down would make it disappear.

I couldn’t resist pressing down on one of the levers which was marked, ‘____’.

Naturally, the sections of the slide, which connected the long straight a ways, vanished.  Children started falling straight through the places where the slide was no longer there.

Some kids tried to stop sliding to avoid their pending falls but they all ended up tumbling 20 feet through the air and smashing their heads on the pavement below.  Did I think it was funny?  No.  I just wanted to get into trouble. 

Looked around to see if anyone saw me press the lever.  But then I realized I had gone too far.  On the device were about four levers:  each representing different parts of the slide.  I did not know which ones to push to get the slide right again.  I went to search for help.

Found a lady and led her back to the slide.  She asked me, “What is your favorite color?”  I said with positive certainty, “Red.” She says, “try the Red lever.” 

“OH no I say, That would make the entire slide vanish.  In the slide, you see, the red sections were the large part of the slide.  [Which is the opposite of what my picture shows but I’m not redrawing it].

A blonde curly haired girl I recognized was walking in the hall.  It was Camille.  Walked with her all the way to some lunch in-gathering.

Basically, I was curious how things had been going for her.  Here is the dream’s interview and the responses she gave.

Charles:  Hi Camille, After I left, did you keep getting straight A’s like in High School or was that something you left behind.

Camille:   No.  After High School I got C’s D’s and E’s.

Charles:  Why?

Camille:  Well, it was a different time in my life.

Charles:  Okay, I get it.  So what did you do?

Camille:  Listened to Socialist and women’s liberation tapes, those Krauts really … [it was something negative]

Charles thinks to himself, [“Am I a Kraut? I am white.  She could be talking about me.”]

Charles:  Yes, Those Krauts deserve everything that’s coming to them.

Camille:  ….

Looked on the table where Camille was sitting.  Many-many people had filled the hall and seating was becoming scarce.  Since I was standing I needed to decide quickly what to do.  Everyone at the academic awards banquet had plates sitting in front of him or her.  I asked a boy who was sitting nearby, “Do we have assigned seats?”  The boy thought so.  I looked at Camille’s dining card.

Then I looked at my dining card.  The card next to me said my youngest 11 year old brother’s name, “Eric Bloodworth.”  I looked next to it was another card.  This card read, “Thomas Bloodworth.”  Figuring Tommy was around with his friends elsewhere in the banquet I decided to take his seat next to Camille.

Suddenly I realized, the seating was not done alphabetically.  The “P’s” For Pedigo should be no where near the “B’s”.  I felt the odd serendipitous fortuity that my brothers had been given seats next to a girl I liked.  I wondered if God had arranged the name tags.

 Just as this happened I heard music go “Vump Vump Bummmmmm” and the dream fades.



The Last interview question or statement in the dream I had every intention of saying was, “Camille, you would have been a perfect girl for me.”  She was smartest and pretty girl. 

Michaelangelo’s “God” From the Sistine Chapel is the intellectual property.




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