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  Climbing the roof at Sears  Dreamt: April 27, 2005

Climbing the roof at Sears where she worked, climbing from rafters.

Was at “the Mall” again. Telling Auntie Jane, “I like being in random places. They never make enough random places in films.

The theme from “Celes” I won’t age a day song was heard as I climbed the rafters which were criss-crossed.

Was walking the route near Michelle’s house 6:00 pm on a Friday night. Was going to park in the woods near a power plant where there was a path for walking.

First, I came to three ladies. One was young with long hair dirty blonde with a cigarette. She said, “Heh, I know you from, who are you?” I said, “I’m Charles Bloodworth” and for reasons didn’t continue the conversation. Next passed a Girl Scout troop walking in the opposite direction. Took time to see each girl and somewhat hoped one would “fall behind and become forgotten.”

It began to become dark and threatened to rain.

Many cars passed me as I walked the path going toward town. The hour of day was late and had impending cold, and possible rain. Despite this, No one who was going to town recognized me, stopped, nor if they had might have accepted the ride.

Arrived near the yard of a strange residence. The house’s front yard was covered in water. The wood and the steps had sunk and floated around.

Well, I jumped from stone to stone until I had climbed upon the misshapen patio. An old woman with her left eye gouged out was leaving for her daily business. “I’m sorry”, I say. [The water was blocking the way]. Eventually I got by the house, which stones floated in the water… (Continued: FIND THE OTHER PAGE CHARLES!)

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