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  Does the army of Saddam Hussein smoke?  Dreamt: December 12th, 2005
  Does the army of Saddam Hussein smoke?

According to the article: during his reign Saddam was known to have many pounds of tobacco sent to him and his army.

A video and still frame shows Saddam in military clothes taken recently. It is suppose to somehow prove he does indeed smoke. However, his hands have no cigarettes and his pockets are empty.

Paris Hilton is sitting in a motel room in Baghdad. She is smuggling in many pounds of tobacco. You see her shoulder and a blackberry and she is not wearing anything else.

[The dream is a new story Iím reading in a paper]

I continue reading, the article says she was waiting for Sean P-Diddy Commes to arrive. He does and is shocked and annoyed Paris is there.

Sean, "You know, je ne suis facheque Bushe"
[to translate, you know I donít like (President) Bush]

Paris replies in French.
Moi, je ne passer longtemps ici.

But, for some reason hearing her speak in French tickled me as I read the article. Paris Hilton speaking French made her seem positively brilliant.

I look up from the article and tell Heather Mason about it. I explain,

ďEst-ce tu a lu cette article?Ē [have you read this] I ask politely.

A video of Paris Hilton and a Blackberry smuggling cigarettes into Iraq in a Bagdad hotel. Modeling herself. Cíest chaud!

December 12th 2005.

As a matter of course, i am affected by Paris Hilton, she's interesting to me.  And its odd I'm reading a living article about her in my dream.  And then telling it to another girl I like named "Heather"




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