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  The Baptism  Dreamt: August 2005
I looked upon a bridge outcropping suspended fifty feet in the air. I kept staring at the mass of twisted red metal hanging fifty feet above the waters. Seeing this manmade wonder I asked myself if what was there was truly possible. But, the evidence was right in front of me. How could I disbelieve it?

I walked along the shoreline of the two rivers.

Great red bridges began to reconnect from shore to shore and swing their great mass across the waters.

As they connected to the shore they pounded into the ground like great hydraulic beams. I said to whoever was listening, “I always wanted to put a penny under one.
‘BOOM’ was the sound as the bridge connected with the shore. The pillars connected to the metal plates with a semi-intelligent tumbling of pieces. It would slide from metal to metal as a series of bridges and ball bearings locked into place.

Walking along the shoreline of Riverside drive:

Something dangerous was coming. A tsunami is coming from the height of the hill. I hid inside a small building the size of an outhouse on the height of the hill.

Waters gushed from the heights of the hill. Buildings buckled a bit and white foamy waters poured upon me from above. The waters washed down toward the river and dissipated.

I walked more along the path again for five minutes. Later the water gathered and rushed over the houses and shores shaking the ground like an earth queake.

The tsunami hit a third time.

The tsunami hit a forth time. A forth time i did not time properly the spray. The tsunami hit when I was not expecting it to.

The building was as wide as a phone booth. I sat and waited for my fate.

I took a deep breath.

It happened so fast. The waters slapped me in the back knocking some precious wind out of me before I was to sink.

It closed my eyes and relaxed. Water surrounded and crushed me. I hoped I would float to the surface…

Walking along the shores of Riverside drive…

Had I died? Another tsunami wave would come in four minutes. I really wanted to get to a restaurant before too long. I was very hungry and wished to order pancakes. I considered the many who had surely died from the waves of water.


Was angry when I titled this “The Baptism” I was tired of connecting my dreams to religion. Its just too easy and distracting from my dreams real points. But, what is written is written. [Surely you know that’s a Pontius pilot quote from the Bible.]

2nd Moral:
this is another “Armegeddon” story. I dream so often of these where judgment or large disasters effect the population. It’s nothing new, I’m sorry.



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