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  My dreams are Thanatos until she appears  Dreamt: January 8, 2005
  My dreams are Thanatos (footnote 1) until she appears:

Clouds gathered this time, different clouds. They were shaped as large disks and “clouded the sky like UFO’s linked together in the heavens.

The storm rolled in. Darkness, always darkness comes before the storm. It’s always darkest before the storm.

Stared into one cloud and a great eye appeared. It blinked and appeared intelligent.
The storm was killing people. Storms are always killing people. Glaring at the eye I raised my middle finger in protest. I felt it was the eye of God.

But, then, when I blinked the eye blinked, and when I looked right it looked right then floated off.

A Tornado was spotted in the distance, great winds crashed. I was alone; my family was no where near bye. Searching the landscape for safety finding a Bridge over-pass I tucked under the pillars. I felt safe, but being alone in the only safe place in a large space makes you feel sad for those whom are left.

I wondered if being under a bridge was a safe place to be when a tornado roars over-head. Some tell you to go to a ditch with your hands over your head.

I wonder if anyone being in a ditch ever survived being in the epicenter of a tornado.

I also wonder what part of a Tornado would kill you if you did not move. Would the winds choke you? Would a flying object knock you out? Or would it simply lift you into the air and drop you 100 feet sometime in the future.

I looked out the door of my house. The storm was linking up. Platelets of clouds. Then something stranger happened. The winds changed direction and the leaves flowed toward the right. Then, Frost appeared on the branches of the trees. This is a dangerous situation. I was right to fear.


Jamie was there, somewhere. She always is there after a storm. I was protecting her.
Doberman pinchers with saber tooth fangs were killing men, children, and babies alike.

It was Armageddon. The dogs had blood all over them and wounds from where other persons whom had battled them had made a mark before they perished. The dog bit my arm, but luckily its teeth missed my arms to the left and right. I strategize against the Master fighting dog. I did not believe I would necessarily survive.

Jamie was somewhere in the dream. I am writing this down 6 hours later and the details of any conversation are lost to the mists. Sufficed to say a mirror of her visits dreams of Charlesland.

In the Underpass of the bridge, I got on my knees and prayed to God. Gave my last confessions before him with complete sincerity. I mentioned sins which I had done outside of my dreams. It is always a closure when you can sense your heart will accept God at such moments of trials.

The battle with this devil dog ended the dreams.


Moral – Maybe it was Armageddon, and the dog represents Satan, and my safety in the storm represents a passage toward heaven in the darkest times. But, it is just as likely my dreams are trying to scare, frighten and ultimately kill me there.

Moral 2# One part I fly straight up through the sky. After a certain height of flight, you look down and know that if you forget how to fly you will die. That could represent ascension into heaven. Written: Saturday, January 08, 2005.



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