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  Driving Along with John Madden  Dreamt: January 9th 2005
  I begin writing…
So I am driving along with john madden and that guy he is with. we are in a bus driving down toward the riverside. try to come up with a question to ask him.

Look around the classroom as I record the night’s dream in bound notebook. Teacher begins trying to teach the day’s lesson.

-- “Back in my day our lessons were taught in Greek.” And she sketched a Greek character on the board.

As she wrote and tried to teach I got out of my seat and said, “Invisible” and walked up to the desk and knocked something into the trash can and began to graphite the chalk board with marks.

Returned to my desk. Tommy was one seat back. Meaning I was now sitting in someone else’s seat. I said, “I don’t care, as long as I have my clipboard (to write down my dreams). And I returned to writing.

*I woke up* and was sitting in a room with Michael J. Fox. He was speaking to me.
He said something quite funny.

I said, “Heh, you don’t look that sick at all. I studied his facial features. He continued speaking to me. I began to feel something was wrong.

I was awake and seeing visions of things that aren’t real. His face was like a morphed Bill Clinton at this point. I became deeply concerned that was displaying schizophrenia . The discordance became blinding in my mind. I searched for why I could not make this person disappear, as logically it is untrue that Michael J. Fox would be happy healthy and funny nor look like Bill Clinton. My world shook a bit and flashed.

I was back in the classroom. “Awake.” A girl walked by with a necklace with the word, “Howbeit” written upon it and took her seat. Couldn’t help but think she was trying to flirt with me. The second girl walked with her belt engraved with a golden cursive word ---Howbeit---.
She was less clandestine and when she walked by she brushed me with her hip.

This Time really woke up and began typing.


A little bit confusing. I had 2 different dreams today. One before including John Madden and a bus. We traveling through the countryside and eventually ended up on riverside.

Woke up and return to sleep.

In my second dream I am writing down my first dream word for word in my notebook of the classroom using a rather strange text I didn’t know I could write in. (Seen above). When I “Wake up” in the 2nd dream I am still in the 2nd dream, but do not know it. I sincerely believe I am imagining Michael J. Fox talking to me in real life and hearing him speak. Hearing “Voices” in real life is quite disturbing and bothers me to the point where I completely fight and flash the vision within the dream away.

Moral 2#: In the Classroom I am vicious and cruel to the teacher. I feel I have an omnipotent power and no respect for what she is teaching, but a desire to be “in school” anyways. I just like the environment.

Moral 1# Girls are cute.



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