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  Group on the edge of the mountain  Dreamt: June 5th 2005
  Was with the group on the edge of the mountain. Was asking questions which was part of a quiz game. Every question asked the answer was, “11” which was meant to be one.

Someone had come to show us their automobile design for compromising ** the rough arctic terrain. It was a car which would be somewhat elastic. Every time it hit a wall it would bounce forward or backwards elastically.

This is nearly impossible to demonstrate without a flash demonstration. WHICH I will do.

Okay, the car every time it hit something would bounce in the opposite direction to save it from disaster. The problem was that since the car had begun bouncing off the first tree the second tree was behind it. It hit the second tree which was so near the third tree that eventually the car bounced out of control. It flailed and flailed as the controller of the vehicle observed helplessly.

It even eventually bounced on the Z-axis bouncing toward the treetops and ending up in one a few moments. After about 20 dream seconds the car completely and finally crashed and the front bumper wrapped itself around a nearby tree.

It was my turn to ask the question. Asked the question. “ If the height of the mountain is 44 (Units?, unsure what it was forty four of) and the fall is 2.8 Meters. Then how long does it take for the fastest mountain climbers to descend it.

The answer naturally again was meant to be eleven.


I looked down the mountain. Does the mountain really descend for two hours I thought? That’s amazing. The snow covered hill went off in the distance.

Looked at it. Deion Sanders was commentating the game show he was higher up the mountain. I walked passed him. He said something positive or encouraging. I knew I was misinterpreting what he was saying and I began to slide down the mountain.

Dion was with me. I said, “oh, I just want to try this a few minutes. I wish I had brought a toboggan. The snow was only mildly icy under my bottom and my hands which were resting on my sides were only a bit cold. The journey had begun.

Down down down the icy slope which seemed to go on for ages. Every now and again it would ascend back up. But the momentum we had built would carry us over the ascensions. I worried that at one point we would lose all momentum and then have to get up and run cross-country up a slope. The “fun” though really was in the time we could maintain our selves upright on the slope.

Went down the mountain almost frictionlessly.

After a while I noticed barrels set up on the course. They began as simple wickets and eventually were completely manifest as fully formed orange side-of-the-road barrels. These barrels began to criss cross the course arbitrarily. I took the edge of my finger and placed it into the snow. This changed my direction of movement to made sure I made it through the checkpoints.

After a while the checkpoints became more mandatory. The places in the course where the checkpoints did not show were tumultuous and unlevel ground. It became mandatory that we go through the checks or would be stopped or go over rough ice.

Furthermore, after a while the barrels formed lines. The problem was, “Which side of the barrels do you travel on. The Left or the Right? We began traveling on the Left and quickly realized that indeed the right side of the barrels again was where the terrain had begun to decay.

The course melted and melted as we continued down it until there was only a single path about five feet [ ] wide. We remained on this path until we arrived at a staircase.

Men with hardhats were working here.

We got up and began to ascend the staircase. Knowing the men would say, “go back, this is too dangerous.” We already began ignoring them and me and Dion passed by. They indeed did began telling us, “Heh, you shouldn’t be here.”

We climbed the staircase with the railing up towards what we hoped would be the rest of the course. In passing one of us said, “This is for Science. We are with the research project. This was just like like the time we: (and some made up story).” We didn’t think they would believe a couple of kids were scientists but it was meant to confuse and baffle them as we went bye.




That was a fun adventure. You do not know if there is an end to the course. It began simply enough. “I just want to try this a few minutes.” In those minutes you know you can turn around and re-ascend the hills. But you know, after a few minutes there is no turning back.

Is this a metaphor for Life? Of Course! And of course not. Anyways, IF It were a metaphor for life it would be like:

How many hills must a man descend? Uh… Right. Actually, it was just hella fun. No where in real life is there a hill you can descend for two hours and not know where it ends up. If you were at the summit of such a hill would you jump?

At the end I’m going “Up stairs” this could be heaven. But, because the metaphor is how cool going down the hill this seems unlikely. Then again, it could be:

We humanity think it’s cool as we slide head-long into Hell (Miranda Gail Herrick says Hell is cold. She was from Alaska.) And God saves us from what we think we want. How is that for a moral?



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