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It begins in a store

 Dreamt: May 17th 2005
  It begins in a store. Entering the front door a child and his mother are having a mock argument for the commercial, which is airing. One rehearses a nonsense question of the other.

The child is to live within the store for several weeks. Issues immediacy arises as to where the child will sit during his stay. Immediately the child goes toward a clothes rack and tries to play within. Of course, the mother rebuffs and tells him to go toward the boys section to live.

A crib and a small-bedded area are in a prison. Three children are trapped by something. One tells the other two that freedom is coming soon for them. Practice of attempting escape benefits those who attempt it. This benefit is realized If freedom comes or not.

One of the other children becomes invisible and begins to wander the halls of the school building. We follow with the purpose of tracking him. There will be no escape for the child. It is simply a game of how long he can flee about the halls. We wave our hands about the level of our eye and flail our arms about searching for “the person” in the thinness of the air. The prisoner has become motivated and is trying mightily to escape.

On several walls the invisible fugitive leaves his palm print mark with humidity. Sometimes he leaves his palm print mark in places to throw us off the trail. Sometimes one, sometimes two palm print marks.

I arrive around the corner. The two others who searched with me appear unconscious on the floor. I question them, “Asleep or unconscious?” When they don’t respond I ask again. “Asleep or unconscious” and attempt to move their faces to see if okay. Not having time for this the search continues.

They begin to get up.

Continue to follow the trapped prisoner. Arriving again at the final room. Which is ironically the first room Kyle does something cruel. He points out a picture on the ceiling next to us.

The picture is of an astronaut. The symbolism is not lost on me. They had lied about the prisoner’s ability to escape. The charade was just a joke they were playing for their amusement.

My attention immediately turns to the child who will certainly soon be crying and heart broken. He has been imprisoned a long time. I try to console the child and begin carrying them down the hallway.

Driving down the interstate I see black streaks in the sky which morph into and out of being black birds. The streaks separate into long strands and appear to be a flock of birds. Then, they condense into what appears to be a single black line in the sky and look amorphous.

I ask the child, “Do you see the blackness?” The child does not respond. I requisition him, “Do you see the dark spot in the sky.

The dark lines begin to approach the car until they cover the entire interstate. Dark birds are floating a crossed the windshield. Some birds hit the windshield. From the tall trees along the interstate other birds join. Animals are wildly crossing the road, some getting run over, and some hitting windshields.

It is quite confusing; I have never seen animals acting against their nature to survive.

I’m holding the bird pet we own in my hands in the back seat of the van. I lift it one single inch as slowly as can be. It immediately takes that as an indication I want it off my finger and flaps its wings and begins to fly around the van. My father has just opened the front window and the bird flies out.

The next few seconds are true terror. You have to realize to yourself the likely hood of ever seeing the bird again are non-existent. While the van stops you stare blankly while the realization that the bird is gone comes into your thoughts. Blaming your father comes to mind and you cannot help but say, “He opened the window!”, it does not fix the situation.

Heading up the road which is not littered with feathers, garbage. On the side of the road trees are thick as forest. after a few yards you have found nothing. You think to yourself, even if you found it there is no reason for the bird to fly to you unless it is quite hungry.

Then from behind me, a chirp. The bird has flown into a cage in one of the trees where a food dish is. Immediately I close the cage to trap the bird. Another wild bird is in the cage with it. I spend a moment making sure the bird in the cage is actually the bird which is our pet. I am delighted that it is. All my thoughts now are concentrated on making sure the bird gets safely back into our sphere of security. Trying to secure the bird.

Part III.

Lord Oaks spawn. I intended to get the group together and defeat the Lord Oaks spawn.



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