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  It is every one hundred years  Dreamt: June 13th 2005
It is every one hundred years. Often it happens when a room is disheveled. The house becomes rearranged. Rooms are added until it becomes over a hundred rooms.

It is a race to win a prize. There are other unsightly people who begin the race. Some of them have rudimentary weapons.

It begins…

I’m frustrated. I begin walking from room to room.

There is a fireplace in the center of this room. In the next is a stair case. I descend. On the wall is a projection of the face of Andy Dick. They say is name is Rodald Dirschnitz and he says he is partner S.

I begin to travel.

The rules are:

Every room you pick up one object. Sometimes the object is good. Others bad. When you pick up either a good object or bad it sticks to you hand. It sticks until you find its place. There are a variety of rooms. One where the floor is ramped up from door to door. It is where you have trouble getting across. I have gone through many rooms and feel I am winning the race.

• At some point I see “GOD”. He is a young man like myself and responsible for getting up the race. I say hello but he barely acknowledges me in passing.


My grandparent’s house is in shambles because of Hurricane Dennis. Everything they own is scattered. It is like in the dream where one of the prizes at the end is the ability to organize the house to restore it again.

Feeling god makes a once in a hundred year game could mean a long life is ahead of me. This is because I feel this is the sixth of seventh time I have played the “game”

Seeing “god” as a normal man is an odd experience. To the all powerful creator walking around plainly is an unusual thing. As much as God promises Heaven or Hell, I believe he’d just ignore me if I saw him.



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