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  It was the last ninety seconds  Dreamt: December 2005
It was the last ninety seconds of the basketball game which Fat John Madden was announcing. One team on the basket ball court had completely given up. Plenty of time was left to possibly win or tie the game. I noticed the losing player’s frustrations and acted to assuage their frustrations.

Began and completed a voyage toward the booth. The voyage included bouncing the basket balls a few times off the walls in a strange 3-D pattern: (See picture)

John Madden was absent when I arrived. I began to search for him in the locker room behind the booth.

There as a femme nu qui m’a dit, “Vous avez me toucher” Ja la touché dans le cote en passant.”

Anyways, I stood on the court in front of the crowd then said, “Level 12 foul on # number __[something]. The player is away recovering.” I was going to referee the game in favor of the losing team for the last 40 seconds.


My description of the foul is lost to memory. It was very involved. I looked at the clock and it stopped with 40 seconds let.




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