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Jury of Michael Jackson

 Dreamt: Friday June 10th 2005
  The jury of the Michael Jackson trial has arrived at the bench. A man in his 60s approaches the podium. He is the jury foreman. His facial features are striking in that he is ugly.

His hair is in splotches and in different directions.

He begins to speak,

Heres what he said, According to my memories transcripts. #1

He slept with kids for 365 days. Now, Ive been a homo, Ive bought the male edition of Hustler Magazine. I know how they think.

The Old man beings lecturing the courthouse I a manner quite unbefitting a jury foreman. Explaining the details of the case. Everyone in the court is interested in what he is saying and no one interrupts. This man has lived with burden.

Michael Jackson, Guilty on All Counts.]

Friday June 10, 2005.

1# Es Daily announcer of the Michael Jackson trial always says, Heres what was said, according to the courtroom transcripts.

One of two possibilities,

A-) Michael Jackson is guilty today (Friday, a day that they are not deliberating) and Im psychic
B-) Michael Jackson is guilty to me based on my live experiences
C-) Just a dream.



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