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Leaving Wal-Mart

 Dreamt: Sat. July 16th 2005
As we’re leaving Wal-Mart my mother asks me, “How many people does it take for there to be a trial?” I reply, “Two: A prosecutor and a defendant. My answer must have upset her because she stairs harshly at me.

I say, “Yes. Why does no one believe me?” Inside Wal-Mart a judge signing autographs for his book. I ask my mother to meet this individual but there is a long line of children and adults.

Aaron, my second youngest brother has a dislocated arm. My mother grasps it tightly and cracks it back into place. I feel my forearm. I am glad that I have grown out of that phase. [This might be an homage to Mr. Chiropractor I met at a dinner last night. He probably dreams of dislocated bones all the time: Gross.]

Next, I leave Wal-Mart alone. Nearby, there is a store with candies and various treats. I leave and go toward the inside of the store.

Inside the store is a vast many fantasy adventure magazines and collectables. Every form of AD&D book lies on the shelf by the window. Also on this shelf is an original box set for the first edition of Dungeons’ and Dragons.

The first edition is a red box with golden dragon on the cover. I wanted to purchase something from this interesting store an decided this might as well be the thing to get.

Strangely, when I lifted the cover of the box I found it to be completely empty. I wonder about this and go to the shelves looking for Ravenloft materials.

** Dice sets were in plastic sheets bound together **


Most of the dice sets were in uncirculated condition and the dice were printed in many different every languages. Some dice had Chineese characters, others Japaneese, and some German.

Seeing these old items stacked made me think this store was a world repository for fantasy items. Since I found no direct Dungeons and Dragon’s playing books.

The store I was walking through was completely empty of people. There was no cashier. It was about 12 feet by twelve feet and books and papers strewn everywhere. There were adventure boards and pieces to boards. I believe it was likely the universal repository of creative gaming thought.

Of course, the thought crossed my mind to simply grab something off the shelf and keeping it. But, I hadn’t even seen a full set of anything worth keeping. A girl with a mix of long black hair walks in the front door and toward the back.

My eyes lock on her until she sits down. Talking to someone behind her she says, “You believe we have to stay here all day?”

I say, “Sorry for staring, I am just surprised anyone else is here. She ignores me and the comment somewhat. Another girl and guy come in and just chill out. They open notebooks and drink coffees while I continue to browse.

Within the stack of dungeons and dragons pages are several drawings in Chris Brown’s handwriting. It seems apparent that especially his picture of Lord Soth. It seems unusual to find a friends writings so far from them. [Basically I found a picture Chris had done in a store miles away in a collection of books.

In a distant café but, “he had his hand in all that stuff” I say.

As I am leaving I wish to say, “no boy stares at a girl that long just because he is surprised.” I considered this was a clever way of saying she was pretty.

Magincia has been redesigned. There were hills, valleys, a river and a dungeon. It was a positive thing the world was changing but it was definitely more dangerous for a lone thief without magic powers nor weapon skills.

I [Voltaire] stepped into a cave. A two dimensional spider blocked the passageways to the parliament building.

** Picture Omitted ***

The spider, I presumed was meant to prevent a single lone adventurer from entering the faction stronghold and becoming its commander. I simply snuck around the spider. The spider, as it turns out, had no teeth and was simply there to frighten the weak hearted.

The Great hall had been redesigned into a three dimensional reality. Giant Blue curtains flapped in the wind and hung from great Greco Roman Pillars. On the center was a smaller table sized pillar with a lap top computer screen: on the screen read..


- Welcome to the -
- Council of Mages -
- [] -
- [] -
- [] -
- -

and several subdirectories where commands could be entered.

At the top of the computer screen the present Commander was named “Fighter” I knew Fighter would be quitting the mages soon and a vacancy would soon exist.

People sitting in the building clamored for access to the cities to purchase cheap ingredients.

What I believe this could represent is that the council of Mages sigils and the towns of Ultima Online were once true constructions. But, at some point their beloved cities and town stones became digitized but they themselves had not.

Consider, what if your favorite place or friend had been digitized by God. Life and all bound to the matrix of graphics.

When you see a building in a video game you believe somewhat in its existence to your character. But in this game, graphics did not represent reality. They were reality.

No matter, this dream made me feel cool to be a member of the Council of Mages. I know I was part of a higher purpose or order.

At some point playing with the people in the hall I put my hand on my chest in a fist. When I did this and walked around people did not notice or see me. When I took it off my chest I appeared and everyone noticed. In dreams I have a very bad success rate at becoming invisible. People usually end up seeing me: I think.

But, because I was on my thief, and playing Voltaire amongst these true believing role-players they did not see me because I was truly hidden to them.


I don’t know what to say about these games. It was no coincidence that I found an original D&D box at the store with very old dice sets.

And the Ultima series is the second “game” of my life

I feel that, like dreams, these games are small portals into a greater creativity hidden behind a veil of “me.”

They vaguely allow me to express how wonderfully possible myself and all of life is.

And seemingly pure, seem untouched by society or the world. Even if I killed “Tom Cruise” I still can enjoy a game of D&D or Chess without moral dilemma.




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