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  Let me begin by saying ...  Dreamt: September 6th 2005

Let me begin by saying, I have not felt so alive in a long time. Not that its an enlightened moment, but I …

I was going downtown. I had not brought either money nor food. Even the point of the trip itself seemed to elude me. I was just planning on crossing the Red River bridge and then going downtown. I asked myself, “what If I just was magically warped downtown. What then?, I would want to be magically warped back.” What then would be the point of making the trip. But, notwithstanding I insisted on making the voyage.

In my hands was a pillow. The bridge was being constructed upon. There were several very large automobiles about three times the size of normal cars intermixed with ordinary cars. The Red River Bridge (in my dream) went from side to side. Meaning it would have to have been parallel to the river itself.

Anyways, I waited until there was a break in the automobiles to cross about half ways to the medium. One automobile was stopping at an intersection and a second car slowed down. But the second car had not slowed down quickly enough and with the most gentle crash possible lightly bumped the car in front of it. The car in front seemed annoyed he was going to have to exit and check his bumper, but none-the-less, he did.

Arriving on the other side of the river I got back on my bike with my pillow in my lap. I could feel my empty pockets. I had eaten only about 15 minutes ago and felt I would not become hungry for a long time. But it is “not like me” to ever go anywhere without monies.

Crossing up to the Riverside McDonalds. The sign in the front read, “Extra Value meals starting at $9.” I immediately thought this was a joke and a very clever one for a corperation who itself has no sense of humor. But the sign subtext read, “5 quarter pounders with Cheese value meal 9$” So, I Suppose it made sense.

Jamie was out front doing some chore like watering the garden. I cycled passed her. I was just going to drop a, “Hi Jamie.” And continue. Not that I didn’t want to speak to her, but more that I didn’t expect her to wish to listen. Before I could speak another person crossing interrupted saying hello to her. My bicycle had already mostly passed by the scene and I muttered the ‘Hi J.” solemnly. It wasn’t just that the person had said hello first. It was that Jamie seemed to make an exception to respond to that person saying Hello back with a bright demeanor.

Naturally I was sad, but this was nothing new.

She handed me a piece of paper. It was a balance sheet-style page with boxes and places I had signed in the past. There was a place for the dates. It was a marriage paper. I took my pen and signed in my name in the last 6 boxes and dated them for today. She sincerely disliked me, but then, why had she kept something like this.

Let me write now, the paper was meant to represent a commitment exclusively on my part, that I would marry her if the timing was right. Basically, it was like a promise that if the right moment came I would ask. It implied nothing that she cared one way or another, but, it was like an asset.

Anyways, She had some math homework which would be due the next day. We conversed.

Stop the presses, yes, we conversed ;).

Okay, I basically went over each of the 7 problems individually with her.

The first was a multiplication word problem.
[(Some percentage number) times (another whole number) of 16] Jamie seemed to pop gum and act like she couldn’t care less. I looked at her, “Jamie, Okay, Do you see this?” I pointed to the “OF” in the center of the problem. “Remember what “Of” Means? We used to talk about this all the time.” She said no plainly. “Well, Of means you multiply the numbers.” She took her pencil and quickly multiplied the numbers. We moved on to the next one.

My dream had a math problem prepared for all seven. Each one was different and I was completely nervous I’d get to one I couldn’t help with. There was one point where I was reading in the book and the word, “LAA” was there. [[[[---- LAA represented ‘la la’ and was a reminder to her that we kissed a lot. [[It also represented “Lap” for lapdance. If I have to explain that one to you charles then you’re not me.]]]]]] She flinched. And I continued.

After the sixth problem Jamie said something like she was going to do something else now (was like, “make a phone call” on a cell phone or something)

My mind came up with a 3rd conclusion that “LAA” was actually God’s nickname and he was playing a semi-joke on me. The thought would be that God had set up the situation with the homework assignment just to get her to talk to me again. The thought that “God” Was involved made me nervious. I tried not to think about it but concentrate on the 7th problem.

The seventh problem. It looked like a page out of a magazine. Problem #78 on page ___. It showed a picture of the United states of America. There were about 7 radio towers super-imposed over the country. Some of them had radio : “) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) “ And, “( ( ( ( ( (( ( ( ( (“ and some had them criss crossed from tower to tower.

The question was simply, “How many radio towers are receiving the transmission.” The problem was based upon the fact that a single tower could transmit and have many other towers re-transmit the message. The towers in actuality were connected by corridors of a frozen gas completely sealed. This enabled the waves to reach their destination in tact. The problem with the problem was, “Do you count all the radio towers. Do you consider the Radio towers which are hit twice with the same message?. Are all towers acting independently?” I sat pondering these questions so I could explain them to Jamie when she got back.

I was late to French Class. I was carrying the homework paper I had helped Jamie with earlier in my hand. I might have been on a bike but this becomes unimportant. I slide down downtown. This is a problem because French Class is uptown. A train crosses a bridge nearbye. Seeing the train could only be one thing: I was late. (I assumed it was the “9 o’clock” Train). The Eifell tower was bridging the river.

The Eiffel tower was bridging the river for pedestrians. Many had made the trip in the past. There was a rotating anvil on the tower for those who wished to practice their blacksmithing. Well, I began my ascent.

This picture is approxomitely what it looked like to climb. But one step was in front of another instead of the angle it would actually take.

At the very beginning I used a “Superman” manoever to fly up the first 50 feet. But, I realized, that after all the power was gone in my invisible rocket I would deflect off and tumble to the earth. Instead, I just began walking. It was very easy to walk up the Eiffel Tower at first. The steps more horizontal. After a while though, each rung of the tower became steeper. I held on with two hands and two legs. I would release my right hand and reach for the next hole. Then my left hand would seize the next rung. Always holding on with no less than three limbs. Gravity became less an imaginary force at this height. As I climbed I dropped my pen, and the change from my pockets. I could not afford to climb with a pen in my hands.

It freaked me out when I considered the top of the tower. Getting up would be far far easier than going down the other side. [because you’d have to put your foot into ‘thin air’ and drop to a rung below you]. The dream faded. As I awoke I could feel the exact emotions of climbing a large tower. The “fear of heights” adrenaline pumped through my veins.

Conclusion: my life is my conclusion.




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