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  Miranda, ticketeer of a movie theatre  Dreamt:

Aug 23rd 2005

Miranda was the ticketeer of a movie theatre. I entered without paying and she followed me. We didn’t say much.

I crossed a movie theatre and commented how the one we just passed was a good movie. Miranda replied, “yes, that’s a good movie.” We continued on to the last theater. She crossed in front of me and ascended the steps of the theatre. She was wearing tight short shorts with is uncharacteristic for her. I slapped her right on the butt.

As you can imagine, I was indeed falling from a great height when this came to mind.
It was an enormous building over a hundred stories tall. I watched someone jumping on a panel of glass on one of the upper stories. He shattered it and we began falling. I actually enjoyed the fall. You could see the building’s architecture.

On the side of the building were gothic style statues. One prominent one was a cross.

In the movie, “Judge Dread” I saw yesterday, a High Court judge and Sylvester Stallone are seated in an abandoned building. The High Court Judge looks upon a statue of Justice (which is blindfolded with the scales of justice.) He says, “Why did we take the law out of your hands?”

I ponder as I’m falling down with Miranda. Maybe the cross represents ‘Justice’ on the building. In the midst of the fall I say something quite relevant. Turning to her I say, “When you’re falling from great heights, it is the Cross which gives us justice.” A shiver goes over me. Before we hit the ground the ‘screen flashes’ and we’re standing on the sidewalk safely.

Tom Green was doing a speech about something. He was saying how he wasn’t going to make his speech about the movie he had made and was advertising. But, he sat In the back of a moving train and laid down. The movie overlapped him quite auspiciously and continued.

[It was basically he was talking freely like outside and then suddenly approached where a scene of his movie had been and the editing made it look obviously that it was spliced together. But it was meant to be obvious.]

on the back of the train the situation was going to be how everything was going to go wrong. He was there with someone even dumber than the ‘tom green’ character. The oil was leaking, the tires pressure was falling. I could see the gearbox distinctly. The back of the train was in fact, a boat. Tom Green decided to roll up the windows of the boat. He said, “Victoria left me the keys to the boat”. I wondered, ‘Who is Victoria, aren’t you dating ___”

He intended to lock the dumb guy into the boat. What was odd was I was seeing the scene through the eyes of the dumb guy now and the windows rolling up and me being trapped. Tom would continue the movie.

Standing outside the “Mall of CharlesLand” I was hopping scotching around throwing my hands into the air. A black

[editors note, if I say, “Black man” people get an idea of an NBA Basketball player, or general negative connotations. If I say, “Black boy” people think of a 10 year old. He was my age which is 20-28, but still had some of the soul of a young person remaining. And lastly, when I write black person … (lol)]

person with a rounded face. He was somewhat overweight but carried himself with some dignification. He said to me, “Charles, come here, we cannot have you doing that outside the store.”

I followed this person through the basic mall store. We passed through the doors and arrived at a dining hall. [side note: Always hungry, I never ever get to actually eat in dreams, I get my wish here!] He asks if I have my “fast pass”, I’ve been pulling out my black wallet searching for monies.

[I pull out a money bill with Thomas Jefferson, this is funny, in my dream I’m not sure which bill that is. I think it’s a Five Dollar bill at least and by association I know Thomas Jefferson is enough to pay for most meals, but simply cannot recall at that moment so in dream Its funny I never actually see the corner of the note.]

I sit. There are tables with vegetables and chicken being passed around. The black man says, “we’re going to talk about your job/future at Convergeys (a place I once worked).”

But, I’m not paying attention to him anymore because seated next to me are two girls. The one to my left asks me, “Why do you have your hands like that?” My left hand is on my knee my right hand is on my left shoulder. I reply, “So I don’t put my hands all over you.” And I demonstrate by quickly touching her side. This girl to my left that remarked this was a pensive girl. She makes a shrugging motion. I turn and stare right at her. I’m enjoying seeing her.

You must understand, in a dream you can see people in 3-d, but not just in three-d, you see them with all the emotions right next to them, like on your sleeve. I spent about 20 seconds just enjoying (the memory) seeing someone so pretty. After staring long enough I say, “I just don’t remember your name.”

She replies, “Sure you do. You remember my old name. But, my name has changed. I’m now ______ Ca____.” I don’t pay attention to what she said, what she said wasn’t her right name. She continues, “I got married last summer to Max’s cousin. She squirms as she says this, “Max” is not someone she’s proud her husband is related too.

I turn deftly dismissing the girl somewhat. The other girl was more plain tonight. At this point I mutter “Tabernaque” loudly and continue.

Then I turn back to the first girl again, “If we fall from [grace] a great height it is in the Cross [of Jesus Christ] that we find Justice, for those who believe.” I said this sharply and the girl didn’t seem to grasp its meaning. The dinner continued.



Let us start with “Tabernaque” and why he said it. In the French language, when you wish to curse you speak the name of something holy. I understand “The tabernacle” has the connotation in French of being “swearing tough luck.”

On a soccer field in Canada someone pointed out that one team of players had one more player than the other. (like 8-7 or something). The coach said, “C’est tabernaque” and we played anyways.

The point was: I was cursing the situation with the married girl where she would hear it. When I quoted my verse to her again about the cross, I was not being nice. I was saying she had fallen from grace to me.

As for “the verse.” Is the Cross the same as Justice for the sins of the world? Honestly, compared to our sins [yes even after the minor representation in the movie ‘Passion of the Christ] it does seem as if our sins are getting off lightly. Is the Cross sufficient justice? Did part of God die for us? Did he then, rise from the dead?

I like asking questions cause then I don’t have to tell you what I think, like you’d care anyways. Let me get the picture of the building up so I can end writing this dream today: August 23, 2005.

PS. I felt ‘more’ forgiven than usual after I woke up for a moment. Then continued life...




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