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  My dreams keep killing me  Dreamt:

April 4th 2005


Walking round a Large Hotel. I had traveled two gigantic elevators to the top and bottom of the construction. At the bottom floor they were cleaning up a party with McDonald’s hamburger wrappers everywhere. There was a chair there.

I looked at the chair and thought, “I need a chair”, but even this chair, at the bottom floor of the building was worth about $100.

I left through the glass doors, two ladies walked in front of me.

Sit in a chair. A Chess tournament is being played today. I am entered into the tournament. The main thing I considered was the rules. We have two and a Half hours to play, but there was no clock: Therefore, no reason for either player to move. The game never begins.



Short Dream: All I could remember today. But, It tells you: I want to play in a Chess Tournament and win. And that environments in CharlesLand are rich.




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