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  On a bus (JC)  Dreamt: December 2005
  On a bus gambling on the results of Streetfighter II Tournies.
[Street Fighter is a video game where two players fight with punches and kicks.]

Jamie camie and sat down next to the game.

You see the controller was in one seat and the game was in the other.

I got up looking for my missing Gameboy. Jamie was polite as I searched around.

I wanted to say, “Heh, who took my game?”

Jamie is cool. Jamie camie, that was a Freudian or something slip, but still bunny/funny. [there’s another one.] Basically the theme is: I was doing something completely silly by playing a video game, but she didn’t seem to mind but waited patiently. I suppose we all hope our girl-friends will allow us to continue some of the games we play.



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