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  Onto the interstate  Dreamt: May 5th 2005
  Onto the interstate driving home. We are in a van at night. The road stretches off far into the distance. There is some traffic. Clouds were gathering, light and wind. I asked, “what’s that” looking at the strange occurrences happening in the sky.

Clouds had folded the sky in two.

Dad began explaining the occurrence of magnetism and…

I interrupted him again.

An enormous light was flashing in the sky. Looking up, the flashing light was coming from a jet and filled some of the sky. The jet flew from the distance across the window of the automobile. Finally the jet landed on the interstate in front of us. “Wow!” The jet speeded down the highway with us and took off again 10 seconds later before a large turn happened in the road. We were high up on a winding ridge at this point. I could look down and get a good look at the jet as it flew away. The jets odd feature was that it had the “feet” of an osprey (sic). I observing this craft out of the side window from a top the high ridge.

Turned to my brother Aaron, “Did you see the aircraft”? Aaron interrupts, “landed on the road and just flew off.”

Looking back forward in the last moments of an accident. The automobile is turning almost 45 degrees still on the road. Instantly realize the automobile is going to crash off the ridge and kill us all.

In about 3 seconds indeed the automobile is uncontrollable.

My father makes his last attempts to correct cars alignment. It is too late. The car speeds off the road, crashing through the guardrail and is falling thirty feet toward the ground.

… Falling about 1 and half seconds. Everything becomes dark. Quietness takes hold.

I hear a few sounds. “Did I survive?” Listening I hear a few more very faint sounds from the auto. Or, is this the few moments before I bleed to death or the car completely crushes me. Again hear faint sounds. I try to move my lips to speak. I want to say, “I love you” but the words do not come out. All I can manage is a quarter breath. I say a final prayer as the dream fades, “I want to tell them.” Final darkness.


My dreamer did a most brilliant thing to create the effect on me of the last scene of the dream.
The faint sounds I heard were the real sounds coming from the outside. The small humming of machinery in the distance. Not being completely awake I was unable to move my mouth nor have the motor skills to speak. In a semi-comatose/half-awake state realized typing the only skill I possessed at that moment was the ability to make a small breath.

“I want to tell them.”: The last words of my dream. Yesterday, I thought about what my last moments on earth would be. What I would think about if I had moments to live.
In these final moments of the dream I didn’t think of her as I would if I was awake. I thought of them. It was simply my last will and unspoken testament that they know this. (Hint; they are my family) (This: I love you.) I felt if this was said my work on earth was finished. May 5th 2005.



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