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  Origins of Computers  Dreamt: May 18, 2005
  110-12 Origins of Computers and the Internet. May 18, 2005

What would it be like to return to the origins of desktop computers, the early 1980’s.

Before E-mail, ten years before my dad was to cheat on my mom. Before two of my brothers were even born.

Back to the Origins of Ultima Online.

God, it seemed had answered my prayer. I had requested the ability to take back a few items with me to the past. Mostly, it involved a tool kit. The winds however took care of that.

Tommy, My Dad, Eric, and Aaron were in our archaic house. On the table was the original Osborne Computer freshly brought home by my father. Naturally, I immediately tried to program the computer to do some of the things I knew it could do.

At the main prompt typed, “Circle (0,0) – (10, 10)” and attempted various lines of code. This original computer we owned worked just fine. This computer was malfunctional though. It refused to accept just about any commands I was typing. This was the first indication that, though taken to the past an obvious chaotic number generation was in place where individual things present in the past would be different and happen slightly differently.

This was the 1980’s when Larry Bird had only won Six of his seven Championships (s.i.c.). On TV Larry was on the Bulls.

Walking over to the door. Outside was where I had set my tools I had brought back to the past with me. There were nuts and bolts and small tools spread all over the pavement.


The first thing my Dad did was say, “I have something to show you.” He took out an airplane named the P-17 and showed it to me. It was a small plastic toy, which in my future (major sic) I had lost. It was the expositions way of proving I had indeed returned.

My Dad asked tried explaining the P-17 fighter jet to me. “The travel three together and do…”
I interrupt him, “They use a laser to paint the target and the missile hits the target without the fighter jets controlling it.” In the Dreamland of 1980s knowing that missiles could use lasers to hit a target would have been Top Secret. I was trying to impress my dad with knowledge I was not yet suppose to possess. His response was unthrilling. He dismissed my remark seemingly unhappy I had interrupted his exposition. The meaning of this within the dream was quite clear: I’m not going to be winning friends or impressing my dad or anyone by simply telling people things they don’t know about.

There were three P-17 jets in the visual image of the dream. The reason for this was that if you had 3 planes you could calculate any place on earth. One plane was for time, the second for distance, the third for direction.

[My drawing of the plane on the right was so completely poor representation of the plane in the dream I decided to download one that looked similar. The “Interesting thing” about the plane in the dream was that it looked like a normal world war green jet but it had double-decker wings.]

Walking around I pondered: There are two ways to play this new life
 Number One is to go around telling people about the Internet, email, and who will win the NBA Playoffs every year. The point of this life, I conjectured, would be to evaluate people’s opinion about the changes will happen in the world from a non-direct experience.

 The Second way would be to simply know the entire time the changes the world would face and simply relive past experiences with improvement.

And, I did need to improve. My dream showed me something, which let me know why I was truly trying to go back. In the blurry fuzzy squares of my Osborne Computer screen was an icon I had programmed into a game. It would look like a small triangle on its side and a square. This represented a girl. What this meant was, even at this origin point, girls and computers were linked. The point of this image, friends confidentially, are that whatever pornography I’ve seen on the Internet found its origin inside me long before the Internet arrived. It is not simply enough to go back in time and never go online: the problem rests in the person, or at least further back in their past. I would be about 14 in this scene and I wondered exactly how far back I would have to travel.

He granted me the ability to take a few tools with me as I said. God had. But in natural “God” Fashion the tools that had made the journey were now strewn about the pavement. The family and I were standing by the doorway of the house; a great win was howling through the doorway. I recalled (sic) in my dream’s future that this was something that had indeed happened this day. The wind blows about 100 miles per hour a couple of times, I remember then quits. Nothing to worry about.

My Dad said, “100 miles per hour?” and got a good footing. He took a couple of steps toward the door and held steady as the wind whipped into the house. He stood in the 100 miles per hour winds about 20 dream seconds (an eternity I tell you now). Then walked off. The wind died for the first time minutes later.

Sometime during this event, during the dream, I asked myself, “Should I tell my Dad [or Mom] that he’s going to cheat on her and divorce her. Or, should I give him the [perceived] freedom to make his own mistakes [again]. It would be a hard sell that anyone would believe me anyways at this point in history I considered.

In Ultima Online of 1980 (SIC) , my bank had about 125 of each reagent, [177 of nightshade], a few pieces of barbed leather armor [yes, it was once medable people]. I pondered what my character should do. He was a total newbie living in the small town of Cove. I recognized that none of the armor pieces had lower reagent cost percentage. The main issue would be how to earn enough gold to train Magery to grandmastery. I pondered the rest would follow. I pondered creating a red with Player vs. player skills and terrorizing the newbies with tactics I had learned since.

Pondered using EasyUO, (When the website became available.) I asked myself, “Should I just keep logging on to until it appears one day, or, should I get to know Cheffe the EasyUO creater and ask him when he’s done designing the software. I pondered whether the original EasyUO software was detectable and whether it was defunct. Whether it would actually work to make my characters complete actions without me pressing keystrokes or whether the earliest beta tested easyuo was completely full of bugs.

Pondered what I would do even if EasyUo Did work, and I mined for 10,000 valorite ingots. Who would buy them, and for how much. Besides mining, in early UO There wasn’t much to script for. And actually, if I flooded the marked with Valorite suits or ingots their value would diminish.

Pondered what I would do with a million gold. I figured I’d make my castle someplace. Or, better yet, Have a two castle account At some point realized I’d probally simply goto Destard and provoke Dragons together, earn 2 million gold and buy two castles. Though I was uncertain where I would place them.

The winds had ceased blowing for the moment. I pondered if God had sent the winds to collect my tools which were scattered about the ground outside. But honestly, If you collect a table full of tools, then go back in time, the table should scatter at all. It is just like “God” to fix one problem with an unnecessary miracle which is unfit for the situation I considered.

Jamie. I don’t know if I thought of her during this dream. Notwithstanding here it goes:
There is a VHS Tape showing Jamie when she was very young living in Maine. She is walking near a pier. It’s pleasant outside.

I had always had great interest in seeing this video. Seeing a tape of a friend before you met them gives a strange feeling of insight to who they are when you’re not around. I remembered seeing this tape as I was typing. For me, it is the “Origin of Jamie.” She was pretty cool back then also. I thought she looked curious and energetic.


Most of conclusions are within the body of the dream. I did a lot of “Concluding” while actually within the dream itself. But here goes.

I don’t think I would be able to change the character of my life simply by reliving it. The “Who I am” who makes the mistakes was very much alive and well during this flashback.

Living a repeat of your past by definition perhaps means you’ll live a repeat of your future with subtle changes. During the dream and even now, I doubt that, even though I would know EVERYTHING that would happen in the world of computers, (Email, Internet, CD’s, some computer software’s, ability to print with printers, new stores and all the conviences of technologies) …

That, I would be able to change my lifestyle, my day to day, getting up and what I do by more than .5%. I believe I would arrive at a day like today in about the same 10 years and repeat my mistakes driven by compulsions, passions, likes and dislikes.

I think I did think about girls during this dream and what changes I should make there. Had nothing positive to offer there. Only thing I considered honestly was whether I should make get to know as many as I had. Because, I would one day not be talking to them again It would be somewhat rude.

If you knew in advance that you were not going to talk to a girl after “today” would you still have a conversation in French with her?.

Anyways. Lengthy dream long. Don’t look to your past or history for the solution to present ils. As Tony Robbins says, “The past does not equal the future. Just because you failed today, or yesterday, or 5 minutes ago does not mean you will not succeed now. Just try it again.”



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