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  She was whispering  Dreamt: Jan 5th 2005


She was whispering, I couldn’t make out the words so I went up near to listen. I thought was, “never talk or see me again”, but wasn’t.

Instead, she walked along.

She tried to call but Verinda didn’t give her the number.

“Would you like the number?” I asked.

Veranda is just a girl who stays at the house. My mom adopts children, we have seven of them. She was unimpressed.

I don’t know why we were going to see my car, maybe she was simply walking in that direction.
She seemed to have called and needed speak to me.

Stopped and ducked and covered my head in the grass. Then, I peeked at the sky.

The moon, as always was reflected in the sky. Looked upon the moon and spoke, “I’m afraid of the moon tonight” It is so far away, and right above my head. Seeing the moon gave me a true emotion of fear. A small spike of scaredness. Was so afraid the moon might fall upon me I ducked my head back in the dirt. (The moon reminds me of great power, or potential power to destroy, (See Final Fantasy 7 – Details on that). Dreaming I think it is simply a rocky moon reflected so you see the phase and oddly during the daytime can see the dark phase of the moon vividly.

Earlier that day:

      Walking along the interstate. Looked up and something large was falling from the sky.
When large objects fall from a distant places in the sky minds takes a moments to perform some simple trigonometric equations to determine if it will hit them. During the few moments the brain is deciphering the function of the falling object it is truly terrifying. The object was large enough to crush me. The object was a car.
The moments did pass and calculated that it would strike a location nearby me.

The car struck the road at maximum velocity but car was not totaled.
The hood was smashed and the car rolled over upside down.

Again my mind went into wild calculations of wind and trajectory viewing a second automobile tumbling from a distant height. Noticed a hot air balloon rigged to act as one of those trailers that can toes fifteen cars. The trailer had broken loose and was releasing these cars from about 1000 feet in the sky. Handfuls of cars had begun smashing now. Looking upon the wreckage I saw many automobiles in several different conditions.

A thought occurred to me: “These cars had tried to kill me!, I should have some right to rummage the cars for CD- players or something.” I knew they were brand new cars but, they might have something. So, I approached a car and its condition shocked me. It was dented and dirty, but largely undamaged.

In the Ignition was the key.

Turned the key and the brand new dented red sports car started. I was exclamatory! I left my old car right on the interstate and began to drive the new car home. Then worried someone would take my old car I parked the new car behind a sign. But, the new car stuck out a little from the sign so I drove it all the way home. Then in 10 seconds walked back to my old car and drove that home. The driveway was completely full of cars.

Went to get my mom to show her what I had “found” A small sense of “maybe found cars are not mine” did cross my mind, but somehow I was certain that if you almost kill someone with a car from 1000 feet that they can keep it.

Found mom and she looked at the expensive looking vehicle and made an expected expression like, “you probably cannot afford the payments, and it would be a waste of money if you could.” Opened the engine. It was a large shiny engine with bright shiny metal … (Duh).

…Sometime on the ride home with the New sports car the thought crossed my mind, “Maybe I’m dreaming”, But either way I said to myself, Let’s drive the car home, we’ll see if we’re dreaming later If I get to keep the car tomorrow.

Jamie appears in the drive saying brashly, “I have a boyfriend.”
I think I asked “Are you serious? How serious are you?”

“I don’t know” she replies. At this point she turns to face me.

She said, “I hope he doesn’t go on tour, do you think he’ll go on tour?”
I asked again, “How many years is he going into the army?” We hug tightly as the dream ends.



Moral: It’s always good to talk to a girl.

Moral 2: I can be somewhat scared of large objects falling from the sky

Moral 3: After waking, turned my head toward the doorway of my house where one could see the driveway. During these moments the skepticism of reality fights such irrational thinking.
“Who cares,” I think to myself, “if there is no car in the driveway now. I can work and put one there when I to care to.”

Moral 4: Sometimes Large objects falling from the sky are red sports cars with keys in the ignition.



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