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  She wore a black dress  Dreamt: May 2nd '05

On a staircase. Had carried her somewhere. She wore a black dress.

Was explaining a work of art to people in the room.

[Miranda's picture goes here]

“It was like he did it, its done, and that’s that”.

I was talking to someone else with her there. My face and voice was this toward another person but the audience was clearly her.



The “It was like he did it, its done, and that’s that” represents artists who complete an artwork then feel no attachment for it.

Once heard a story about a man who build a tower of metal. Heard he spent about 10 years of his life to complete the work. When it was done he walked away from it and never went back to look at it again.

Was just trying to hold a conversation with her in the room.

May 02, 2005.



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