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 Dreamt: June 15, 2005
Jamie’s Mom was asking me to pick her up after Church at about 5:00 Am the next morning. I did have a car, but did not know why. Since I was doing a favor for ‘her’ mom, I agreed despite the unusualness and difficulty of the task.

Jamie had her blondish hair pulled back completely tight in a ponytail. I made some plane comment like, “the day is nice” and Jamie said something in a kind tone. She took hold of my hand a moment saying something then letting it go.

The reason I recording a conversation I don’t remember was the effectual senses. For a few moments, in a dream obviously, I felt what it would be like to be within’ her kindness again.

The first dream faded.

Traveling in a bus toward “The Big City”. There were a lot of people in the bus with me. Students. We were most likely a field trip group. Glanced out the window. Trackter filled with mostly girls passed by. I glanced at girl after girl until my eyes locked on one in particular: her name was Jamie. Jamie has dusty brunette hair and a sleeveless shirt. It was summer.

With the window to the bus in the way I was unable to speak, so I just looked at her until she ‘had’ to look back. I took my two index fingers pointing them at my eyes to say, “I’m staring at you”.

Jamie made a “don’t stare at me” look/frown. And either she passed by toward the city or the dream faded.



Driving down the road with this 21-year old person toward the big city in a convertible. He is swerving along the road. The person was driving carelessly and in the wrong lane and did not notice the Mack-truck driving quickly in the opposite direction. I shouted and tugged the wheel against the stubborn driver and barely missed the truck. The car careened toward the rocky ditch and we continued driving.

I said something like, “that was a close one” and the driver agreed. But, no sooner had I spoken this than we arrived at our destination: The Big City.



Cities of CharlesLand are wondrously large, big buildings and endless streets. They are, to me, in the dream endless adventures and possibilities. Really, as I was driving along I wondered, “What would I do first.” There’s something missing from the soul of the city. And something to be found also.

The something lost is a girl. The something to be found is also a girl. It’s really not that complicated. A specific girl: of course.

*These are what I call “Skip Dreams” where you have one dream, wake up. Then, you are so tired still that you fall back to sleep and have a second dream. I of course, think about getting to the computer to write down the first two, but am so tired I fall back to sleep.

I am naturally worried I’ll forget the first dream if I return to sleep. But, if I’m consistent I don’t tend to lose the important details.



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