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  Stood in front of the class  Dreamt: May 6th 2005
  Stood in front of the class discussing the changes to the media and government happening since about 2000. Students would chime in with answers, which I would write on the chalkboard and underline in certain cases:

Reality TV. Budget deficit. When the government gets a surplus, why does the moneys goto rich companies: Answer: because it is directly proportional to the money given by political action comities.

Another girl gets up to deliver a speech. A tape recorder is playing. Something interrupts her.

No, we are in a stadium. A dark spirit is flying about casting, moaning and wailing. It is a succubus.
It is trying to feed on the spirit of people’s dreams. No one is yet asleep and I fear for everyone around. A handful of us venture to move our hands to chanting Xen ex vas. They, including me move our hands when the succubus is not looking trying to cast the Exorcism spell (from a video game). After a few moments of fear I decide to save everyone from the succubus by flying away as fast as I possibly can.

I fly higher and higher through the cities of CharlesLand. At each new height of the mountain is a new city with people, places and ideas. It is a marvelous sight to behold, but, at the same time there is a succubus following closely after me. I have to hurry.

After a while I believe I have lost the succubus I arrive at the very top is where Burt and Ernie live. Burt was not gay, he has already moved out long ago. Ernie wears ear-rings in his left ear. He was having a discussion with the banana upstairs. It went something like this.

The gist of the conversation was that Ernie wanted too long a commitment. To the banana 3 hours was entirely too long a relationship so he also had put Ernie out. Walked around this height and saw Andrea Dowdy. She says she saw someone Saved and so she had changed her last name to reflect this. We spoke for a few moments.

Back at McDonald’s. I was not sure if I had signed up to work here again. I said to myself, “I know I signed up to work Friday at 6:00 and had done that shift. (It was Monday) I had not been to work since. Therefore, it was likely that I was also scheduled on the weekend. If this was true and I hadn’t shown then I was probably fired.

The McDonald’s in CharlesLand has rows and rows of tall cabinets with all the supplies and ingredients required for the day. The strange thing was they had already prepared the McChicken © by putting it into a box and shaking it until the mayonase had completely drenched the sandwich. Walked toward the back of the store and there were about 4 people working. Four people is plenty enough to prepare the store so I was certain I had probally been fired and decided to walk out and leave.

As I was walking though a girl came up to me and asked for help. She was trying to lift 3 packages of orange juice and was having extraordinary trouble. With some effort I lifted all three and held it where she was pouring it into the orange juice machine. This was very difficult work as the opening to the orange machine was as big as a straw. As a result of this a lot of the orange juice was spilling onto the floor. I mentioned, “it would be wise if they made it a bit easier.” She agreed somewhat. Finished with the first juice pack I gave her the second one. She fell forward a bit under the weight. I put my hand on her hip to stabilize her. Reasonlessly, we looked into each other’s eyes making half flirtations before I hand her the last pack.

* * * Dream fades. * * *




Conclusion: Girl of my dreams...
What can u say?




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