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  Teetering on the Edge of Collapse  Dreamt: Early 2005
  Thought I had not dreamt that morning. But as I sat down in front of my computer I remembered:

I was seated in front of a house “In danger of collapsing.” In a game. In Ultima, an online computer game, there are houses which people abandon but often have many good items inside.

The sign on the house read humorously,

“Teetering on the edge of collapse”

Entering the building it became three dimensional. There were closets, cabinets and drawers. What most captured my attention was the 3-D statue collection. On a table was a three dimensional Luke Sky Walker and Darth Vader statue.

There was a kabuki statue of a Japanese woman and many other valuable things. Despite looking real I was still just playing a game. I asked the person next to me.

What are the rules for stealing here in Trammel? The person was unsure. But, I was sure that when no one was looking one of the statues would “become mine.”


Playing Ultima Online in Three-D. “Living virtually” in a real world with the no legal system and no government idea is FUN. Its cool to steal when not breaking a commandment or taking someone’s wellbeing away. Ask Wynona Rider.

I guess I’m saying, what if you could play “the Matrix” and just “do things.” Like kill, rob, drive fast, brake things; All which is the stuff of 2-D games now.



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