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  The game had cost $150 on Ebay  Dreamt: July 18th 2005
The game had cost $150.00 dollars on EBay. Not many of the game had been made and even fewer had been sold.

The game was named “Final Fantasy X.”

Now, the ‘X’ was not just for ten but just ‘X’. Even though it was a number in a series. Maybe it was suppose to be Ultima X but that is not what the box said.

First thing you notice is that you get four character slots and your choice of classes for the characters. Myself being a veteran Final Fantasy gamer I choose
Judo master
Black and White Wizards. Naturally the quest began in the first town.

In the first area was a town, a cave and a harbor. Immediately, you realize that the monster groups are greatly more powerful than previous final fantasy games. My boxer character is only doing 6- points of damage to creatures [This should be hundreds and a boxer actually is one of the few classes which can cap at 9999 damage]. My knight on the other hand is doing 135 points of damage to the enemies and is wearing full plate armor.

This first battle is hard and I believe that one of my characters dies. I go to the save point to save my progress before something else bad happens.

The problem is when I get to save it the game offered me three choices.

** Smash your fighter’s chest plate

** No longer see your briefcase [item slot] in battles

** Lose all experience levels on one character.

These choices appeared if you wanted to save your game. Each one you would choose would cripple you in either the long or short run.

The point was, “Do not save your game often and do not die!”

I sat regarding the screen as the dream faded…

I was on a train carrying passengers. Out of the train’s window I see a church full of people wearing dark colors. Of course these people are mourners. Howbeit with them are also professional dancers like at Colleges dressed in black. They are inside and outside wearing what Natalie Portman wears in Star Wars Episode one. [A large black veil]

One of the dancer girls says she is late for a basketball game. At this point, I say simultaneously.

0^^ I want my funerals to be fancy like this
0^^ Why would I care if my funeral was fancy.
0^^ All funerals should represent the ascension into heaven.

For Christians I suppose a funeral could be positive and happy or without joyous celebrations:


Are Cordially

Invited to the funeral of [Tree Vera]

6-8 pm Saturday.

If a funeral were celebrated as an entrance to paradise they would be far better attended.

You would even think God would “come down” and tell everyone to be excited for this person before returning to Heaven.

One [semi-blasphemous] thought would be,

“Muslims should have four virgin girls at a young man’s funeral walk across the church with candles. If you believe the Koran this might represent what really happens. Anyways that’s a positive spin on death for all you who need it.


I wake up. It is completely dark. The lamp on the table is the only light source. I am back at my grandparent’s trailer. I go into the kitchen. Tommy is there. I say, “Hello.” He is eating cereal in the dark. I wonder how I will write down my dream. I grab my pencil and….

I wake up. Rise from the sleeping bag. This time I’m not sure I’m awake so I look around really fast. On a table I see a picture of a black man and his daughter which I have never seen before. I begin writing again, “The game had cost 150 dollars on EBay and about dungeon characters scribbling and scribbling, I am half way finished writing down my dream when…

I wake up. Now I am irate. How can my dreams do that to me three times? I begin to semi-swear, to the ceiling, to god, to myself. I get out of bed and storm around the house. I decide I do not care that I have not written down my dream. As real as everything is I don’t know what I can believe anymore.. Until…

Light; sunlight fills my eyes from the window sill. My pupils dilate and warm sun and the commonness of real life stuff creeps into my consciousness. It’s a relief, but at the same time it means that now I have to really wake up.

I have to actually wake and write all this down.

****** Done: July 18th, 2005. ******




Theme: Waking and waking and waking ...




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