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  Till Death do us Part  Dreamt: Mar 27th '05
  (Background, My cousin was getting married the next day in a Barn stables)

Three wise men stand next to a barn in the darkness of night.

One Wiseman stares at the ground, another at the sky, the third stares off in the distance. Something appears to be distracting them in their thoughts. I wanted to ask, “What are you thinking about, why taking so long?” But, asking wise men their business or interrupting thoughts seemed usage.

A figure in a dark black robe: Death walks into the scheme. The grim reaper passes a bony finger from beneath his sleeve. He passes by and makes his way to the barn.

In “The Christmas Story” written in Luke it is Mary and Joseph. Perhaps the stable owner also resides in the bar. Though unable to see inside in this my cousin Corey and his bride are within.

Have feelings of anxiety and fear seeing death incarnate disappear from my sight.

A single thought runs through my mind as the dream fades: “Till Death do us Part”



I === Death is coming for Jesus. Simply, anyone knowing the Christmas story knows Christ is almost fated to die from birth. But Jesus, tradition says, is born without sin.

II === Death was invited to the manger when Christ was born. Perhaps Death, like the wise men had been given an invitation. If not, Christ might never have aged and remained an innocent child forever.

III === Death is invited to any marriage. Death’s name is itself invoked during the marriage ceremony (Till Death do us part). If you invite someone, expect them to come. The act of dying is part of a Marriage ceremony. Ironically, the day after this dream, searching for its meaning I passed a funeral procession of cars. Every marriage happily should end as such.

IV === Joseph disappears from the gospel after a certain point. It is possible he dies or divorces himself.

V === Of course, God forbid, It is possible that my cousins marriage could end in divorce and the reaper symbolizes this. Seems overly melodramatic a dream to represent such a simple idea. But it is possible.



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